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Beypore Fish Market, Kerala

I would like to take you back in time. Let me tell you a story of my dad and how passionate he was when it comes to cooking. Fresh ingredients! Everything needed to be fresh. I remembered tagging along his trip to the morning wet market in my hometown when I was a kid. 4am. That’s right! We shopped at 4 am to get the best cut from the butchers, the prawns that still swimming in the tub full of water, the vegetables and fresh herbs, wild mushrooms and many other things that we planned to put on the table that day.

One summer when I was studying in Bangkok, I went home in Khon Kaen during summer. I was hanging out with my dad when I told him how I missed cured fish roes, a delicacy in the Northeast region of Thailand, he told me “Let’s go get some.” We drove out of the house for 40 minutes when I realized we were heading to the Ubolratana Dam. There in the afternoon, the market was a little quiet but they had the most amazing fish. He went ahead to a monger who sold fish parts and fish heads, one of the stuff she had were fish roes. We bought some of those and got home. My dad always chose the coolest way to do anything. When he could have bought a cured fish roes from the market for me, he took me to the fish market on the dam and made it fresh.

I loved to think my love for ingredients was because of his way of showing me things in the most exciting and wonderful ways. Fish markets give me accelerating and comforting feeling for some reason. When we travel, if we spot fish markets on our routes, we always have to stop and check them out… which brings me to Beypore Fish Market near Calicut, Kerala.

Fish Market, Beypore 1

This was the latest fish markets we had visit last year. It’s one of the biggest fish markets in Kerala. Sadly, we didn’t catch right time when the fresh catch of the day swarmed the market. The good time to visit the market is from 5am-8am and in the evening after 5pm.

Fish Market, Beypore 4


Even then, we saw a few boats unloaded the fish to the market. Kerala adores sardines and mackerels. Most households have these fish everyday.

Fish Market, Beypore 2

There were colorful boats resting on the shores. At night they would go out to the sea.

Fish Market, Beypore 5

The fish here are sold wholesale, but you can always get a good bargain of a small portion from the some vendors. We didn’t buy any fish that day because we were still on the stroll around town for interesting places and food. Next time for sure we will go there early at 5am and get some good fish to cook Fish Biryani.

Fish Market, Beypore 3

And yes, I’m wrapping up this post now. I will post some recipes with fish more soon.

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