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Spice Story Menu Tasting

Spice Story is a contemporary Indian fine dine restaurant on Baner Road. The restaurant is spacious, and the decor gives a relaxing vibe. The restaurant previously specialized in Indian dishes with sparing Chinese on the side.

Spice Kitchen 26

Since it now has more demand for oriental dishes, the restaurant is launching a full frontal oriental menu. From dimsums, famous Thai dishes like Tom Yum, Chicken Satay, Pad Thai, Kao Soi, to Chinese wok dishes; Spice Story is setting to offer a whole lot of flavorful dishes to its current menu. Before launching the whole menu, Pune Foodiez and I were invited to sample the dishes.

Spice Kitchen 2

Let’s start with the drinks. The beverage menu is very impressive. There are wines, beers and many type of cocktails.

Spice Kitchen 3

For someone who doesn’t drink like me, mocktails and flavored ice-tea are very refreshing.

Spice Kitchen 6

For starters we ordered, Talware Murg Angara (Spicy smoky and charred flavored sheekh). The chicken was flavorful and perfectly grilled.

Spice Kitchen 9

Surk Boti Kebab (Spicy char-grilled boneless lamb) was packed with spices.

Spice Kitchen 5

Mutton Galouti Kebab had good flavor, but the texture was a little dense.

Spice Kitchen 7

I also loved Jaituni Murg Kebab (Chicken combined with olive marinade and yoghurt) which was succulent and had interesting flavor.

Spice Kitchen 11

Malabar Peppery Shrimp had nice flavor going, but the texture of cooked frozen prawns was a turn off. The restaurant is going to look into it.

Spice Kitchen 4

We also tried Chicken Satay which was good, but was accidentally served with peanut butter. The restaurant had corrected it with a proper peanut sauce in the end.

Spice Kitchen 12

Spice Story also offered Assorted Dimsum Basket, which consisted of Kothe Sui-Mai/Wonton and Half-moon Dumpling).

Spice Kitchen 8

Crispy Chili Honey Chicken fell flat. The dish needed more depth in terms of flavors.

Spice Kitchen 10

The taste of Yum Talay (Thai Spicy Seafood Salad) needed to be corrected. The dish needs more punches of heat and tang in it. Also the prawn and fish used in the dish was not fresh so it was quite unpleasant.

Spice Kitchen 13

On the vegetarian trail, we had Tandoori Kumbh (spiced mushroom kebab) which was delicious and juicy. Bhavnagari Mirch Ke Gullar (Char-grilled stuffed chilly) was intense.

Spice Kitchen 23

For main course, we had a basket of assorted rotis with some of the most delicious curries.

Spice Kitchen 21

Anjeer Kofta Curry was delicate and rich. The curry was well seasoned.

Spice Kitchen 14

Handi Gosht ( Traditional medium spicy mutton curry) was quite good as well.

Spice Kitchen 18

Murg Zaffrani (Hyderabadi chicken in rich gravy) was rich and creamy.

Spice Kitchen 15

For oriental main course, we had Hunan Chicken which could have had more flavor.

Spice Kitchen 22

Thai Vegetable Green Curry should be more aromatic.

Spice Kitchen 17

We had the above 2 dishes with Burnt Garlic Fried Rice.

Spice Kitchen 20

We also had Pad Thai, which was far too wrong in terms of texture and flavor. There was no sourness in the dish, and the noodle was too clumpy.

Spice Kitchen 19


Spice Kitchen 16

We were shocked to see Kao Soi served with fried rice instead of noodles and fresh condiments.

Spice Kitchen 25

For dessert, we had Kala Jamun which was a little burnt with slightly bitter on the outside.

Spice Kitchen 24

Mutka Kufli is a store-bought one, and I didn’t think it should be on the tasting menu.

Spice Kitchen 1

Clearly, the restaurant had a good run for its Indian dishes, but has to work on a lot of its oriental dishes. The owners took our feedback, and they will be working on the issues. I can’t wait to go back there after while– to check out the Oriental dishes again. Spice Story does have a good selection of dishes, but they should be perfected before going on the menu.

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