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Atmosphere 6,  Viman Nagar, Pune

I love lazy relaxing evening when I can spend time with friends and soak up good music. Start early, have a glass of drink or two and wait for sunset. Lay back, laugh and get into fun conversation, dig in some appetizers, and later enjoy heavy meal.

Atmosphere 6 is just a place to chill like that. It’s a beautiful rooftop lounge with amazing city views. I was there with my gang, Pune Foodiez for review, and we were there around at 5.30 pm when the sun was just warm. It was worth to visit the place just before the sunset to witness a glimpse of the beautiful panorama. Atmosphere 6 is stylish and spacious. There are bar, fine dine area and dance floor. The upper level has breathtaking 360 degree views perfect for intimate private party.

Atmosphere 6 Pic 1

There are good varieties of beers, wines, cocktails and mocktails. I had Virgin Watermelon Martini. It was refreshing with slight enjoyable candy flavor. I also tried Virgin Pina Colada which was equally delightful.

Atmosphere 6 Pic 12

For starters, I enjoyed Tai Chi Chicken, the spicy chicken wings with bold flavor. It was succulent and was one of the best dishes that night.

Atmosphere 6 Pic 11

Turkish Chicken was slightly dry, and the flavor was too mind.

Atmosphere 6 Pic 10

Sunehri Chicken Seekh should have be more juicy and smoky.

Atmosphere 6 Pic 5

Purani  Dilli Ka Murg  Malai Tikka was another one of my favorite. The chicken was cooked perfectly and well-seasoned.

Atmosphere 6 Pic 4

Chicken Chermoula, again was dry. Kunchow chicken was rather bland.

Atmosphere 6 Pic 9

For vegetarian option, we tried Cottage Cheese Skewer with Barbeque Sauce.

Atmosphere 6 Pic 7

We also had some Dim Sum which was quite nice. The chicken was moist and packed with flavors.

Atmosphere 6 Pic 8

For main Course, we had Three Bell Pepper Chicken Lasagna which was lasagna in bell pepper shells.  This was creamy and delicious but I didn’t find any pasta sheet in it. Veg Moussaka was decadent and has good flavor.

Atmosphere 6 Pic 2

Chicken Peri Peri was too mild, and the texture of the chicken was quite tough.

We were also served Delli Wala Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani, Chicken Nuniya Curry, Asian Green in Oyster Ginger Sauce, European Chicken Fried Rice, Prawn Fried Rice with Pineapple, Khasta Roti and Chur Chur Poratha in one plate. I didn’t get the idea of serving the different type of cuisines in one plate. I loved both Fried rice dishes and did enjoy the Asian Green in Oyster Ginger Sauce as well. But the Indian main course fell to impress me.

I believe the perfect meal should end with good desserts but dessert at Atmosphere 6 was another let down. We tried California Jelly Belly which was too sweet and too overwhelmed by spices. The chocolate spring rolls didn’t wow us either.

If you’re looking for a place with a good ambience to chill, Atmosphere 6 can be a perfect place to do so. I really love the place and the service, but the food clearly needs a bit more attention.

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