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Uru Boat

This post is gonna be quick because I can’t wait to write the next story about my food crawl in Calicut, Kerala. So in the last post, we were at Beypore, shopping at the handicraft store near to Beypore Beach and checking the fish market. Then 15 minutes later, we’re at Uru Boat manufacturing site.

Uru 1

Uru means Fat Boat. It’s a type of wooden ship made in Beypore. In the olden days, this type of boat was used by the Arabs as treading ships. Now in Beypore, Uru are exported to Arab nations as luxurious possessions.

Uru 2

Uru are made from teak. The ships are massive and magnificent. They are really the local pride. The woods are crafted by hands. The designs are elegant and beautiful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the nice shots of the ship, but I would recommend anyone one to go see it.

Uru 3

See you soon in the next post. It’s all about local food people. Don’t miss it.


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