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Food Crawl in Calicut, Kerala

I can say this again and again that I love street food especially the hot and greasy ones. While travelling, my family and I always look for street food joints, and many times, little stores on the side of the roads surprises us with delicious treats. Calicut is not a new city for me. I have been there several times, but it was the last trip I visited this city I truly felt like I knew it for the first time. For me, food is a form of connection— the best form of communication there is. It’s the best way to get in touch with the locals and learn the tradition and culture of the places through it.

Calicut (Kozhikode) is one of the largest cities in Malabar region in Kerala, India. The city is rich with history with a blend of Middle Eastern influence. Sadik, Yaseen and I took one afternoon to stroll around the city and tried some of the best food as per the local’s suggestions. And here is the summary of what we loved.

Calicut Beach

Calicut food crawl 1

You should try deep fried mussels at the snack carts that set up around the beach. The mussels are stuffed with onion, green chili, and spices, then battered with gram flour and deep fried in hot oil. Ask for the fresh batch and eat them hot right there on the beach.

Calicut food crawl 2

On the same cart, you can also get onion fritters and spicy potato cakes.

Calicut food crawl 4

If you feel a little heat up, you can go for a cup of shaved ice soaked in lime syrups and topped with toasted lentils and chopped cherries.

Calicut food crawl 5

There are many food carts around the beach offer soft drink flavored fruit drinks and munchies in the form of pickles.

Calicut food crawl 3

You shouldn’t miss some local ice-cream, they’re quite nice.

Calicut food crawl 8

Before leaving the beach you might wanna visit a fortune teller. I was surprised when Sadik suggested we should try it because he’s such a sceptical about these things. But it was fun. Nothing bad she predicted.

Bombay Restaurant

Calicut food crawl 7

After warming up our tummies with local snacks, we went to the famous Bombay Restaurant just 3 minutes from Calicut Beach. The name might suggest the menu to be Maharashtrain, but it was nothing like that. Bombay Restaurant served good South Indian meal, some Chinese and North Indian and awesome seafood.

Calicut food crawl 6

I swear we’re so full we couldn’t walk after eating the massive portions of Malabar Fish Biryani, Chicken 65, Fish Moli, Kerala Poratha and some refreshing juice and milkshake.


Calicut food crawl 11

For the dessert, we landed up 15 minutes later in the homely restaurant called Zain’s. Zain’s is famous for the delicate flavor in each dish on the menu. Unlike most restaurants in India, Zain’s is run by women from management to cooking. They have some of the best woman chefs in the city working in there. The desserts are so good you could kill someone for. I love that sweet and fragile eggs thread. It’s decadent and delightful. To go with these yummy desserts, go for another milkshake to get the sugar high afternoon going.

Calicut food crawl 10

We ate nonstop from 12 to 5 pm. That’s right 5 hours of food heaven. I wanted more. I still didn’t get to try the rustic fish curry and rice on the local shack on the beach. That would be next time.

Calicut food crawl 9

Driving home, we found these Chakara Muthai on the road and had to eat more … something similar to Jalebi. They’re out of this world sweet and yummy. Oh we ate too much, but the food like this worth every calorie.

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