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When I Need to Relax…

I know I have been a little under stress lately. Though I sleep better these days, during the day I’m drown in work and sit in front of laptop all day.  “I need to relax,” I keeps telling myself. A few hours of pampering in spa sounds perfect.

I visited Four Fountains De-Stress Spa a couple of weeks ago, and it was a lovely experience. Four Fountains has many brunches in Pune, and I went to a place close to where I stay, in Koregaon Park.


There are different types of therapies and packages to choose from. Before the session, the doctor at the spa talked to me and suggested me a perfect therapies that suits my health status. There are therapies for de-stressing which help reduce body aches and pain, reduce mental tension and even therapies for detoxification. The Swedish massage is recommended by the spa as one of the most popular services. The Ayurvedic  Massage is known for strengthening immunity. The therapies for beauty includes different kind of massages, body and facial scrubs, wrap and many other therapies.


I went for Aromatherapy Massage. It’s for a relaxing 1 hour of massage with aromatic oil. The room is clean with perfect soft lighting and gentle music. It was so good I almost fell asleep.  My body felt like it has been reset. I felt light and fresh. This therapy also helps in radiating my skin. After the therapy, I had a cup of warm green tea. The whole experience was just lovely.


I love this place. It’s so affordable, and the service is good. Now that Sadik is back from the mountain and has been complaining about body ache, we plan to visit the place together. He needs a deep massage to relax his muscles, and I would love to try the body scrub and body wrap next time.

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Image Courtesy by Four Fountains De-Stressing Spa

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