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Stone Water Grill

Meals at an elegant fine dine restaurant such as Stone Water Grill has grown on me. I was never a person who sat down for soup delivered in shot glass or one bite of something that might taste interesting. I once dined on a cotton candy salmon and liquid nitrogen cucumber ice cream at a molecular restaurant abroad and remembered how exceptional they were. Stone Water Grill led me to the same indulgent again.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 8

A meal here is not conventional, but a masterpiece of flavor, a beautiful design and an elaborate preparation to present a series of lavish courses. These are art, sublime and almost philosophical food that meant to educate your palate.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 6


Chef Shailendra Kekade has introduced new modern European Contemporary dishes and the alluring fusion cuisine in the menu. The restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience with luscious dishes and great service in the one of the most ambient settings in the city.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 1

Stone Water Grill, once the most celebrated and successful restaurant in Pune, now has reopened with new stylish décor.

Stone Water Grill 4

The outdoor area which overlooking the gorgeous river view are illuminated with a shade of orange.

Stone Water Grill 3

It’s perfect for chilling, having drinks and dancing until the night is high.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 2

The indoor area is suitable for fine dining. It’s dark, luxurious and sophisticated. The lighting glows beautifully with candles and long-stem glasses on the table glitter all over. I was delighted to be invited to the preview dinner with other bloggers from Pune Foodiez.

Stone Water Grill 8

The concoctions at Stone Water Grill are too tempting that the teetotaler like me felt a little jealous.  The shooters like Burst 52 and eye of the Tiger are popular amongst other delicious cocktails.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 9

I had Virgin Orange Martini. It was refreshing and delightful.

Stone Water Grill 11

What I really adored was the Plum and Peace Mocktail which was like the frozen natural nectars blended to perfection. It was divine! Later, I also tried something called Bling on This, and it was irresistible.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 11

Now let’s start with the soup, nothing are ordinary here… these dishes are the craftsmanship of tastes and ingredients to the finest. Light Tomato ‘Tea’ with Ginseng and Ginger was poured in the pretty bowl with cherry tomato pearls floating on top. The soup was light and fresh, subtle and perfectly flavored.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 13

Chilled Pomegranate Gazpacho was like a perfect melody to the taste buds. It was uplifting and delightfully fresh.

Stone Water Grill 13

Chicken and Mushroom Broth was comforting, soothing—almost pampering.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 12

Mushroom Cappuccino was wonderfully smoky and beautiful.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 18

Beetroot and Fennel with Mixed Leaves with mustard dressing and orange “chuunda” was vibrant. The fresh flavors of the ingredients and the dressing came together quite well.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 22

Charred Peaches with Baby Spinach with hazelnut nougat and coriander gremolata was wonderful. Light and wonderful.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 17

Soy Roast Duck and Water Chestnut with medicinal herbs and pomegranate was one of the dishes I much loved that night. I enjoyed a little crunch in the texture of the salad, and the flavor was so bold and delicious.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 15

Grilled Wasabi Cottage Cheese with papaya salsa was gorgeous. The cottage cheese was soft and smothered in creamy wasabi marinade.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 19

Melon v/s Feta with reduced balsamic caramel came together well. The reduced balsamic caramel was robust.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 21

Duet of Mozzarella and Smoked Norwegian Salmon with basil pesto and passion fruit vinegar was heavenly. The salmon melted in the mouth and went so well with fresh basil pesto.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 31

Tenderloin Carpaccio “Three Way” — pickled, smoked and tartare, with almond flakes and parmesan is the best Carpaccio I’d ever had. The meat was decadent, the flavor was beautiful.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 28

Wood Fire Pizza German Cheese Sausage and Garlic Krakauer was a hit at the table. The aroma of the garlic was just lovely.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 27

Roasted Potato Gnocchi and Whey Emulsion with beetroot matcha, green peas, summer veggies was impressive. The gnocchi was cooked to perfection, soft and melting.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 30


Grilled Vegetable and Roasted Pepper Tortellini with crème fraiche and toasted garlic crumbs was lovely. The filling was an explosion of flavor, and I love how the wrapper is so thin and well done. The garlic crumbs gave the nice texture to each bite.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 25

For main course, we had Smoked Cous Cous, Cauliflower and Root Vegetable Tagine with crisp chickpea ‘chaat’. This must be my least favorite dish of the night. It was just not out there enough to stand out in the same league with other amazing dishes at the restaurant.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 26

Creamy Cottage Cheese Steak, Roasted Veg ‘Bhartaa’ with smoked tomato emulsion was so smooth like a savory pudding.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 23

Chilli Smoked Duck Breast with Hoisin Pak Choi, Ginger Kokum Jus was my favorite dish of the night. It was to die for. The duck was well-seasoned and so tender it disappeared in the mouth.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 33

Charred Filet Mignon with mushy peas, wasabi foam rocked my world. The steak was perfectly cooked, nicely charred on the outside and lovely pink on the inside. The gravy was full of flavor.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 32

For dessert, Malai Coconut Panacotta with green peppercorn and kaffir lime gastrique stole my breath away. The panacotta was so soft and smooth. The peppercorns gave a crazy good kick to each spoonful.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 35

Caramelized Bacon Ice Cream with air dried mélange of fruits seemed to be another big hit. I didn’t try it, but I swear I saw everyone went to foodie paradise at first bite.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 36

The Opera amaretto macaroon was rich and excellent. The macaroon was so gorgeous.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 34

What I really love was Beetroot Ice Cream with Flourless Chocolate Torte. It’s sinful. The beetroot ice cream was mind blowing. It’s fresh and delightful.

Stone Water Grill Restaurant 5

Stone Water Grill is back and offers not just a good dining experience, but the exciting gastronomic journey where flavors and ingredients dramatically play on the plate. For me the real thrill of dining here was discovering new flavors. It’s the celebration of food and ingredients all together.

Stone Water Grill

Address: Stone Water Grill, Pyramid Complex, 81/82 North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune- 411036

Phone: (020) 67251000

Facebook: Stone Water Grill

Twitter: @StoneWaterGrill

Instagram: @stonewatergrill

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