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Menu Tasting and Bowling at BluO

Once upon a time when I was studying in Bangkok, the only reason I went bowling was to eat the best corn dogs in town. I was bad at the game and usually went there just to hangout and to have food. Years later, things are still the same— I’m still disastrous at bowling, and my attention is all about food.

Blu-O 9When my foodie gang, Pune Foodiez, and I were invited to try a sample menu at BluO in Phoenix Market City Pune, I was both eager and skeptical to find out how the food would be. Part of it was because I heard a lot about the mixed reviews about this place. An exclusive party lounge was reserved for us. It was spacious, fun and stylish. The lighting was perfect for the party mood, but not good for food photography at all. So in this post, I have to apologize for the quality of the pictures.

Blu-O 6Before the tasting started, we went bowling. Though I was a disaster as always, it was fun. The 17 cosmic bowling lanes were filled with energetic vibe.  The music was loud and good.

Blu-O 28Back at the tasting, BluO has good cocktails and mocktails. I tried some delightful mango flavored mocktail, and it was yummy.

Blu-O 4For starters, Sheesh Touk, Lebanese Grilled Chicken on Pita Bread with hummus and aioli, was juicy and delicious. The chicken was bold and succulent. It’s a mélange of flavors in one bite.

Blu-O 5Chaat Fries was yummy. The fries were coated in flour batter, deep-fried until crispy, and drenched in sweet and savory street chaat flavors. These fries were addictive, and I could go on eating them all night.

Blu-O 3Chinese BBQ Chicken on the bed of lettuce was tender, smoky and beautifully charred on the outside. The accompany sauces, sweet cucumber sauce and chili sauce, gave a good kick to the chicken.

Blu-O 2
Masala Spring Roll had a crispy crunchy wrapper, but I was not a fan of the filling which was potato with spices.

Blu-O 1
Peri Peri Chicken Satay was spicy and perfectly grilled. I wish the dish toned down the salt a little though.
Blu-O 20Dilli Style Aloo Tikki was delicious. Though I wish the outside of the tikki was a bit  more nice and crispy, the flavor was so wonderful. We asked for the crunchy Papdi on the side.
Blu-O 19 Cajun Spiced Crispy Chicken was seasoned with aromatic spice mix and crusted with poha (rice flakes) and deep-fried to perfection. I loved the crunch, but the taste of Cajun flavor should come through a bit more.
Blu-O 18 The dish that was average were BluO Special Nachos, Garlic Bread Platter with four different kinds of toppings, and southern style Chicken Pepper Fry. The Chili Cheese Fries was nothing that I expected. It wasn’t fries buried in meaty chili and cheese sauce, but simply cheese melted on a few toppings on the bed of fries.
Blu-O 30 Amritsari Fish had great flavor, but since the dish was made with Basa fish, I would have to pass.
Blu-O 15 Tandoori Veg Platter was a nice option for vegetarians. It came with 4 types of starters and delicious green chutney dip.
Blu-O 16 Chilli Tamarind Chicken was inspired by Pla Rad Prik. I got the idea of it, but the dish needed to be balanced in terms of flavor. It was too sour. The glaze definitely should tone down and be more subtle.
Blu-O 25For main course, we had 5 different kinds of pizzas, Margherita, Veg Extravaganza, Paneer Tikka, BBQ Chicken and Spicy Chicken Pizza. The toppings were okay, and I especially like BBQ chicken pizza topping, but the pizza crust was too crispy and crunchy and lacked that warm doughy texture.

Blu-O 36We also tried Khow Suey since we had heard good and bad reviews about it. Turn out the Khow Suey was another average dish. I love how the restaurantserved array of assortment and condiments on the side, but the flavor of the curry sauce was too mild and lacked of aroma.

Blu-O 33For dessert, we had hot Gulab Jamun, brownie and Vanilla Ice- cream. Nothing stood out, but I did enjoy hot gulab jamun with ice-cream.

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