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Seafood Feast at Coconut Grove Restro-Bar

Good food, in my opinion, is honest food, a dish that sings out ingredients, a plate that cherishes fresh produces, and flavors harmonized– and a vibrant meal that visually captivating. When I travel along the coastal regions of India, I came across many good feasts. I can never forget the boasting taste of fish curry from Tarkarli Beach, a perfectly crispy fried pomfret from Diveagar, the pungent Goan prawn curry and utterly fresh Kelara fried fish smeared in delicious gravy.

A coastal cuisine specialty restaurant, Coconut Grove Resto-Bar in camp area, serves divine seafood bonanza. I reminisced over the joy of travelling along the west coast of India through the house-made spice mixes and masala pastes that were used in every dish.

Coconut Grove 8

Crab Dakshin was thick and orange, infused in the bold flavor of spices, Kukum and rich coconut cream with smoky fried red chilies and mustard seeds floating on top. The crab meat was fresh and sweet in contrast of the explosive luscious flavor of the gravy.

Coconut Grove 3

I loved the fragrance of Andhra Chicken Potli, the delectable chicken in fresh herbs and spice paste wrapped and cooked with banana leaves. It was subtle and humble. The chicken was succulent and tender. It’s definitely a must try dish at Coconut Grove.

Coconut Grove 7

Meen Pulichattu is pomfret covered in spices and wrapped in banana leaves and fried until golden. It was beautifully fragrant, spicy and full of flavor. The fish was fresh and cooked perfectly. I remembered having the similar taste of fish in the riverside restaurant in Cochin. This dish made me miss the south.

Coconut Grove 10

The palate teasing bites like Prawn Chuttuli shouldn’t be missed. The prawns were generously spiced and fried to perfection. I loved the crunchy exterior of every bite. I can always go back for this dish any day.

Coconut Grove 4

To accompany these gorgeous dishes, soft Appams and  Neer Dosa were served. They’re light and decadent, perfect to use to scoop up the spicy gravy with your fingers.

Coconut Grove 13

Chicken Andhra Biryani was average or merely other wonderful seafood dishes overshadowed it completely. I did enjoy it, I honestly liked other dishes a lot more.

Coconut Grove 16

For dessert, we tried Malai Kulfi  and Payasum. The kulfi was delightful, and the payasum was exactly how the humble homes in Malabar region made. It was sweet, creamy and delightful.

Coconut Grove 2

Coconut Grove is now hosting a Seafood Festival till July 6th. The selection of coastal seafood dishes are the highlight of the restaurant, and with every flavorsome dinner, you’ll get a complimentary glass of wine, a pint of beer or mocktail.

 Coconut Grove Restro-Bar

Coconut Grove, 408, Block B, Maldhakka Chowk, Ambedkar Bhavan, Mangalwar Peth

Phone: 020 – 26053981/ 020- 26053977

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