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Cafe 1730 Beans and Booze

Imagine a perfect Sunday lunch spread, for me, flavorful appetizers that involve deep fried food or spicy kebabs, sweet chilled drinks, luscious main course that includes comforting rice and curry, and some delightful dessert to wrap things up.

Cafe 1730 Pic 3

Cafe 1730, a beautiful restro-bar in Koregaon Park Pune, invited my foodie gang, Pune Foodiez, and I for lunch. The restaurant is gorgeous. I love the massive windows that allow natural light inside. The live music is subtle and not too loud. While the indoor dining area feels cozy, the outdoor seating area is vibrant and breezy. The place is great for a get-together with friends or even a lazy meal with family.

Cafe 1730 Pic 9

There are pretty amazing drinks at Cafe 1730. Know for their delicious sangrias, the restaurant also serves good beers, wines, colorful cocktails and refreshing mocktails.

Cafe 1730 Pic 24

Want to be a little adventurous, lit your drink on fire and try the Flaming Lamborgini and Flaming Tower. They’re quite dramatic.

Cafe 1730 Pic 5

I had Fresh Fruit Mocktail. It was lovely and delightful.

Cafe 1730 Pic 22

Blueberry Mocktail was wonderfully blended until creamy. It’s so sweet and smooth.

Cafe 1730 Pic 12

The flavor bursting Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip were succulent and full of flavor. The dip was rich and went so well with the spicy tangy wings. They’re such a perfect combo and can be quite addictive.

Cafe 1730 Pic 10

You shouldn’t miss Prawns Stuffed Crab Cutlet. I absolutely adored this golden perfection of prawns stuffed with crab meat. It’s hot and crunchy on the outside, sweet and juicy on the inside.

Cafe 1730 Pic 6

Potato, Pepper and Cheese Croquette was amazingly soft and oozy.

Cafe 1730 Pic 7

Another vegetarian starter dish we tried was Paneer Tikka Zaffrani.

Cafe 1730 Pic 11

The juicy Nawabi Murg Ka Tikka was served under the fluffy pillow of egg white. The chicken was so tender and well-flavored. I rolled the succulent chicken in soft egg and dunked in mint sauce; it was divine.

Cafe 1730 Pic 18

Machali Tikka Ajwaini was fragrant and packed with flavor. The fish should have been a bit juicer, but I was just in love with flavor to worry about that.

Cafe 1730 Pic 21

Be adventurous and try something a little more exciting like beef tongue. It’s perfectly seasoned and well-cooked.

Cafe 1730 Pic 14

I loved the luscious spicy Mutton Rogan Josh with Parantha. The curry was thick and rich, spicy and aromatic. The meat was a bit chewy, but the flavor was wonderful.

Cafe 1730 Pic 19

The lovely Fish Curry Rice was creamy fish curry with hot rice. I absolutely loved the fish curry. It’s subtle, not too spicy and went so well with soft rice. I could see myself go back for this dish any day.

Cafe 1730 Pic 15

Crab and Mascarpone Crepes was another dish I really liked. It’s the delectable crab meat and mascarpone cheese filled in crepes and generously topped with white sauce. Though the sauce was under-seasoned for my taste, the filling was flavorful and the whole bite came together so well.

Cafe 1730 Pic 25

For dessert, we tried Mexican Flan and Blondies with Ice Cream. The Mexican Flan had strong cardamom flavor that I didn’t enjoy, but I really liked the flaming ice cream on top of brownie. It’s explosively yummy, and I would definitely go back for more.

Cafe 1730 Pic 26

At Cafe 1730, the bar works the magic and the kitchen delivers good food. It’s the place that there is something for everyone. Good food, lovely ambience; I can definitely hangout there often.

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