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A Night in Bangalore

On our super busy road trip, we marked Bangalore on our map for one reason—to meet our old friends. Sadik used to live in Bangalore. In fact, his first job was in Bangalore. A few of his best friends still live there.

Last time I was in Bangalore, Yaseen was still very tiny so we went to a park and other places a bit more relaxing and soothing. This time we wanted to explore the city. We booked a room in the hotel right in the heart of the city. At night we strolled around a bit, tried some food and enjoyed the city lights. We planned to visit our friends in the next morning before getting back on the long road trip, so the night in Bangalore wasn’t only spontaneous, but we tried to savor most of it in those hours after dark.

Bangalore Night 1

So let me tell you did all night …

Bangalore Night 2

This trip I swear was crazy fun. 4 hours ago, we were literally in the middle of no where eating snacks, chasing wild peacock and deer, and then we arrived in the city having donuts and ice cappuccino.

Bangalore Night 3

And then next to the fancy donut shop, there was this local food cart selling grilled corn.

Bangalore Night 4

And we couldn’t do with out street food.

Bangalore Night 6

Later we went shopping.

Bangalore Night 7

I couldn’t remember how long we had been wandering.

Bangalore Night 11

Until we’re famished, extremely! And we dived in the table full of succulent grilled chicken, corn cobs, chill drinks and a lot more.

Bangalore Night 12

We went through the pictures of our trip and laughed. The tables around us were curious what made us so happy.

Bangalore Night 10

We went shopping again. Try more food. More walk. Didn’t know where to stop.

Bangalore Night 8

Before going back to our room, we picked up some fruits to snack on later at night.

And that’s how we spent our night in Bangalore. I can’t wait to tell you what we’re doing next in the morning, but I can tell you one thing… you will love the pictures.

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