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Breakfast in Bangalore before Road Trip

Sunset or sunrise? The same question I asked myself many times, and honestly I couldn’t remember my previous answers but I’m sure they’re not always the same. Sunset is seductive, impelling and relaxing… thinking about it making me wanna lit some candles and hide under the blanket. Sunrise is the new beginning, it’s fresh and it’s inspiring. I find myself to be motivated. New ideas sparks and it feels like I have all the energy in the world to do and try many things.

Breakfast & road trip 2


I am an early riser, and I love sunrise. With sunrise, I love good breakfast…

Here is one hearty breakfast we had before we left Bangalore.

breakfast in bangalore 2

A little restaurant, Shri Kamal Hotel, near Lalbagh Botanical Garden, serves piping hot south Indian breakfast. We indulged in steamy idlis (fermented rice cake) and vadas (savory donuts). With them, spicy sambar (vegetable stew) fused in the aroma of spices and coconut chutney were served on the side.

breakfast in bangalore 3

For people who would like be pampered with sweet Sheera (Semolina Halwa), the luscious yellow pudding would surprise you with tropical flavor of sweet pineapple.

breakfast in bangalore 1

A cup of masala chai (Spiced Tea) felt comforting on the lips and soothing for stomach. It was a perfect ending of our breakfast in Bangalore.

Breakfast & road trip 1

We met our friends and catch up until the sun waved high on the sky. It’s time to be on the highway again. See you in Hospet!

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