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Soleil by La Plage, Sula Vineyards

Last Sunday I traveled through the dramatic terrains with radiant warmth growing as the sun slowly glided up the deep ultramarine sky. It was particularly relaxing that my friends and I didn’t realize how smooth 4 hours and 30 minutes flew by when we reached Sula Vineyards, Nashik.

la Plage 17

I immediately loved the crystalline air. It still felt like summertime though I could picture how the estate would be even more aesthetic in the palette of luscious green during the coming monsoon.

la Plage 1

We were invited to a laid-back lunch at Soleil by La Plage with Rajeev Samant, founder of Sula Vineyards; the lovely restaurateurs Florence, Morgan and Serge, the team behind the gorgeous La Plage.

la Plage 7

The lovely pastel shades bring out vibrant energy at Soleil by La Plage while the opened layout and subtle décor make the space very relaxing.

la Plage 2

The music lingers in the air. It’s a very beautiful space.

la Plage 5

Florence told us Soleil recycled the scraps, parts and used materials from the estate and winery.

la Plage 3

For example, the old crates are used to make tables, and the wine bottles are painted and used to make chandeliers; some of them are also used as vases.

la Plage 16

Colorful, funky paintings are on every wall, fresh sunlight and mellow breeze freely flows in the restaurant. Each set of furniture is unique which makes every spot in the restaurant special.

la Plage 6

There are cozy corners with soft couches, books and recycled arts.

la Plage 11

The delectable French menu is served at Soleil by La Plage. Rajeev explained the the farm-to-table concept practiced in Soleil. The kitchen works with fresh organic produce grown in the property.

la Plage 12

Sula produces their cheeses, seasonal vegetables, grapeseed oil, etc.

la Plage 13

Even the flowers in the restaurant are picked from the garden around the property.

la Plage 9

The property is self-sustainable.

la Plage 10 And the ingredients are cherished.

la Plage 14

The bar is exuberantly stocked with wines, champagne, sparkling wine and their new Chenin Blanc Reserve.

la Plage 8

The beauty of Soleil by La Plage at Sula Vineyards is not to be missed. It’s an ideal place to dine during a relaxing weekend with friends and family. I plan to go back there again with my boys and my foodie gang, Pune Foodiez, to explore the property more.

la Plage 15

Soleil by La Plage

Sula, Vineyards, Govardhan Village,
Off Gangapur-Savargaon Road,
Nashik 422 222, Maharashtra, India.
Tel.: +91 253 302 7777

la Plage 18

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