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American Brew Festival at TJ’s Brew Works

TJ’s Brew Works, an energetic microbrewery Amanora Town Center is known for their hand-crafted beers, and while most of my friends love the place, for a non-drinker like me, I always hesitate to walk in. So when Pune Foodiez and I were invited to TJ’s American Brew Fest last Friday night, it took me a while to decide.

TJ's brewery 11

Tj’s gorgeous beers Dark Hawk, Feder Ale, Spangled Weiss and Liberty Brew are now paired with delicious American Food in American Brew Fest. The festival will be running for 2 weeks, giving the beer lovers and foodies to have a good time and try some good ole American dishes.

TJ's brewery 1

The mocktail I tried at TJ’s was November Sea Breeze, Pina colada, Kiwi Mocktail and cranberry juice. November Sea Breeze mocktail was refreshing, but what I really loved was Kiwi Mocktail which was delightful.

TJ's brewery 10

For starters, we had Buffalo Wings, a soft and sweet deep fried chicken wings served with a spicy Buffalo sauce on the side. The chicken was juicy and flavorful, but I wouldn’t mind the wings to be a bit crispy on the outside and drenched in sticky, spicy buffalo sauce.

TJ's brewery 15

American Chowder with chicken and potato was comforting, smooth and filling.

TJ's brewery 9

Twice Baked Potato with Blue Cheese was halved potato with caramelized onion and melted cheese on top. The flavor of blue cheese should shine through a little more while the potato though cooked beautifully was too thick.

TJ's brewery 8

Not So Sloppy Joe, like the name, wasn’t so sloppy, and it was filled with delicious ground beef. The beef was packed with flavor. I usually like my Sloppy Joe very juicy with the bun soaked with greasy, yummy gravy. At TJ’s American Brew Fest, Sloppy Joe was a little less messy but it was delicious, too. The fries that were on the side were nice and crispy.

TJ's brewery 20

We tried 2 types of sandwich; Honey Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Salt Beef Club with Cajun Fries. I found the chicken sandwich to be a little too dry. The thin slap of grilled chicken breast was hidden in the piles of lettuce, tomato and cucumber when it should be the highlight of each bite. Salt Beef Club, on the other hand, was quite good. I was satisfied with a meaty, flavorful fillets and the creamy dressing between the soft slices of bread. The hot and crispy fries tossed in Cajun spice that were served along with it was addictive. It’s something I probably order next time.

TJ's brewery 16

Mac & Cheese with Spicy Chili Crust was a little too bland. I would love it to be cheesier, and when you lifted it up with the spoon, the string of cheese should pull and resist your spoon.

TJ's brewery 23

Smoky Chicken with Potato and Corn Salad was a nice combination. I love the rich gravy on the side, but the chicken was slightly dry. Potato and Corn Salad was amazing. Nice, fresh and full of flavor.

TJ's brewery 21

The star of the night was the Double Patty Beef Burger. It was the gigantic tower of deliciousness. The patty was packed with flavor and super juicy.

TJ's brewery 19

We wrapped up the evening with New York Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce and Pumpkin Pie. New York Cheesecake that was served that night was strangely a no-baked cheesecake that was very smooth and creamy. Though it was good, I don’t know if it can compare to the famous rich and dense New York style cheesecake which should be baked to perfection.

TJ's brewery 18

When the pumpkin Pie was served, to be honest, I mistook it as apple pie even after I took a bite. I think it’s the way the dish was cooked and presented which was entirely different from the pumpkin pie I was used. The pumpkin pie I love is made with pumpkin puree infused with comforting aroma of pumpkin pie spice with only thin crumbly delicious crust.

TJ's brewery 24

My overall experience at TJ’s was wonderful. I love the décor, the vibe and the music. TJ’s famous beers of course look amazing, and for the non-drinker like me, mocktails are delicious. The food at American Brew Fest is not bad at all. And I think about going back there for the Double Patty Beef Burger, Salt Beef Club already, and most definitely… that yummy Kiwi Mocktail.

TJ's brewery 4

TJ’s Brew works

East Block, Amanora Town Centre, Hadapsar Kharadi Bypass, Hadapsar, Pune

Twitter: @tjsbrewworks

Facebook: TJ’s Brew Works

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