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Taste an American Original at Chili’s

Chili’s, a colorful American- Mexican casual dining restaurant, has been one of my favorite restaurants for many years now. My family and I visit the place at least a few times a month not just because the approximate to our house but also the vibrant flavors in the dishes and the hot delicious dessert that we can’t wait to have at the end of the meal.

Chili’s now brings back the Original Circa 1975 featuring the good ole 11 dishes and drinks from the original menu when they started in Taxas, USA, in 1975.

Chili's Original Menu 1

From last night, July 15th, the original menu has been added to the regular menu at Chili’s. My foodie gang, Pune Foodiez, and I were invited for the menu launch.

Chili's Original Menu 4

From the refreshing Frozen Margarita to Homemade Sangria and Frosted Mug of Beer, it’s way to start a party. For non-alcoholic drinkers, opt for flavored frozen margaritas; they’re delicious.

Chili's Original Menu 3

For starters, go for a comforting bowl of homemade chili, Chili’s Own Texas Red is what you looking for. Made with ground good buffalo meat, it’s rustic, humble and satisfying. For vegetarian, there is Texas Red with Beans.

Chili's Original Menu 2

Chili’s Pie is assembled like a pan of savory pie with chips, pico de gallo, jalapeños and cheese, and is covered generously with more chili.

Chili's Original Menu 5

The original tacos, Chili’s Special Soft Tacos was  flour tortilla shells stuffed with chili, cheese, onion, lettuce and top with hot sauce. There is also a vegetarian version, but I recommend going for the meat any day.

Burgers from the original menu are served with house made buffalo meat patties, seasoned and grilled. The big sticks of hot fries are served along with them.

Chili's Original Menu 10


Chili’s Own Burger is smeared with mustard, stuffed with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle and chili.

Chili's Original Menu 11

Chili’s Trip has double cheese and sauté onion in it.

Chili's Original Menu 9

Terlingua Pride is seasoned with the famous Terlingua spice, and it is served with more chili.

Chili's Original Menu 12

No-Bun Burger is covered with double cheese.

How often you get to try something like this. The original menu and recipes are something to cherish. It’s modest and subtle, and it’s the reason why Chili’s has grown into the famous international brand.

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