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Mexican BBQ at Olive Bistro

The season has changed, and Pune is now wet and cold. It’s beautiful, a perfect timing for something hot and sizzling. A gorgeous restaurant like Olive Bistro in Poona Club has something for this lovely weather. The colorful spread of skewered marinated tenderloin, chicken and seafood spread on the counter where the hot grills are fumed with the cloud of delicious smoke. The vibrant bean salad, warm couscous, Mexican rice and a beautiful array of sides sat on the side. My foodie gang Pune Foodiez and I were invited for this cozy Mexican BBQ.

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 1

On Mexican BBQ menu at Olive, proteins are seasoned, marinated, and skewered between colorful bell peppers and other veggies. The choice of BBQ includes…

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 5

Norwegian Salmon & Lemon Skewers

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 8

Grilled Honey Chipotle Chicken Skewers

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 11

Grilled Balsamic Tenderloin Skewers

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 7

Prawn with Mexican Salsa Skewers

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 4

and Loaded Up Mexican Veggie Skewers, etc.

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 3

The BBQ counter also offer Con Carne Stuffed Grilled Duo,

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 10

Cilantro Chilli Braised Lamb Chops,

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 9

and OB Beer Can Chicken.

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 2

The delicious sides are includes Potato and Fresh Herb Roast, Herb Garlic Mash, Chipotle Butter & Dill Grilled Veggies, Creamy Nutmeg Spinach, Mexican Bean Salad, Veggie Couscous and Mexican Rice.

The dishes came with delicious condiments like Lemon Caper Cream, Chipotle Lime Butter Sauce, Tzakziki, Mexican Salsa, Red Wine Jus, Chili Con Carne and Oregano and Three Peppercorns Jus.

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 19

I loved Prawn with Mexican Salsa Skewers. The jumbo tiger prawns were seasoned and grilled to perfection.

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 20


Grilled Balsamic Tenderloin Skewers were soft and succulent. It was my favorite dish of the night.

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 18

I also enjoyed Norwegian Salmon & Lemon Skewered between pineapple and bell peppers. The fresh and sweet flavor of pineapple gave a beautiful compliment to the gorgeous salmon. It was served the zingy fresh salsa.

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 16

Grilled Honey Chipotle Chicken Skewers was tender, juicy and glazed with vibrant flavor of smoked chili and honey.

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 21

Cilantro Chili Braised Lamb Chops were decadent. The meat was just melting and falling-off-the-bone soft. Though I found the lamb to be a little over-seasoned, the combination of herbs and spice in this dish was just wonderful.

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 24

Beer Can Chicken was divine. The chicken was packed with aroma and flavor, and roasted to perfection with golden brown crisp skin and succulent meat on the inside.

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 26

For dessert, we had the all time favorite Tiramisu. It was creamy and delightful. The OB Crème Brulee was mellow, smooth and lovely. The thin layer of sugar crystal on top was lovely.

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 28

I was in love with Hot Chocolate Fondant at first bite. The lava of chocolate was luscious, pampering for the palate.

Olive Bistro Mexican BBQ 13

To go with this scrumptious Mexican BBQ, a rainbow of delicious cocktails and mocktails are served. I loved this delicious Kiwi Margarita without alcohol.

I always have a lovely time at Olive Bisto. The place is gorgeous, and the food is beautifully plated and tasted heavenly. Mexican BBQ also added a beautiful warmth and aroma to the restaurant. It’s perfect for the weather right now.

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