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Mainland China, Pimpri

Mainland China, a famous Chinese restaurant chain in India, is recently opened a new outlet in CityONE Mall, Pune-Mumbai Old Highway, Pimpri. My foodie gang Pune Foodiez and I were invited for lunch.

mainland china 1

First of all the restaurant is very family-friendly, spacious and cozy. It also feels light and fresh with the huge glass walls and simple layout.

We had the tasting menu planned specially for us. It was balanced, and dishes showed off the diverse and colorful menu of Mainland China.

mainland china 7

I love hot steam trailing after food in Chinese restaurants, and the delicious scent fumed up as Eight Treasure Soup and Tom Yum Soup were served at the table. The soups were comforting. Eight Treasure Soup was subtle, loaded with sweet corn, vegetable and chicken.

mainland china 8

Tom Yum Chicken Soup was spicy, aromatic and packed with flavor.

mainland china 5

Moving on to starters, Golden Fried Prawns had beautiful crispy crust on the outside and succulent sweet jumbo prawns on the inside. They’re served with sweet chili sauce.

mainland china 6

The juicy and tender Chicken Satays were served on the crispy noodle cake. The satay sauce was creamy and delicious, with the right note of fresh herbs.

mainland china 13

The sizzling Roasted Lamb in Cumin was served in hot iron plate. It was well-seasoned and roasted to perfection.

mainland china 10

And if Basa wasn’t a choice of fish used in Java Grilled Fish with Sambal Salsa, it would have been a perfect dish. The spicy sambal salsa was spicy and refreshing.

mainland china 11

For vegetarian starters, Crackling Spinach surprised us. Chopped spinach deep fried until crispy is tossed with sesame seeds and simple seasoning. It was salty, sweet and savory perfect to go with conversation and chilled drinks.

mainland china 9

Vegetable Basil Dumpling was wonderful. The stuffing was flavorful and wrapped in beautiful , thin and soft wrappers which were generously covered with smoky oil.

mainland china 12

I never liked the taste of Soya Meat, but Soya Meat Hunan Style at Mainland China was quite good. The Soya meat had a soft and chewy texture and mixed in flavorsome Hunan sauce.

mainland china 14

Crispy Vegetable in Oriental Spices wasn’t as crispy as it should be, but it was tossed in taste buds teasing spices.

mainland china 18

For main course, we had Pan Fried Chinese Green, a humble dish loaded with baby bok choy, baby corn and broccoli and simply seasoned with soy sauce. It was rustic and delicious.

mainland china 21

Chicken Kaprao, stir fried minced chicken with holy basil, was outstanding. The dish was rich with intense flavors of dark soy sauce, chili and the peppery taste of basil.

mainland china 20

Fish in Chinese Parsley Sauce was the only dish I didn’t enjoy. It looked a little slimy and the flavor and texture of Basa didn’t help at all.

mainland china 19

The main course was served with Vegetable Haka Noodle and Lemongrass Fried Rice. I really adored the spicy Lemongrass fried rice. It’s wonderful and fragrant.

mainland china 22

For dessert, warm Steamed Coconut Dumpling was a perfect ending of the meal. The dumpling was stuffed with coconut with the nutty hint of roasted sesame seeds and peanuts. We had these decadent dumplings with vanilla ice cream, and it was delightful. The chef also offered us some chocolate wonton which was to die for. It was crispy on the outside, dense, rich and luscious on the inside.

mainland china 3

Mainland China has a well-stocked bar with refreshing cocktails and mocktails. I tried Mandarin Swirl (Mocktail) and Litchi and Basil (Mocktail). I liked Mandarin Swirl, but Litchi and Basil was too sweet.

My experience at Mainland China was great. To be honest, it was better than what I had anticipated. The food was well-seasoned, fresh and beautifully plated. I’m definitely looking forward to visiting it again with my family soon.

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