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Bhog— the Temple Cuisine of India at Four Points by Sheraton

Here in India, it’s an auspicious month of Shravan when the Hindu community observes fasting and  practices vegetarian diet. The meal during Shravan is humble and meant not only for spiritual cleansing but for mind and body as well.

Bhog 11

Four Points by Sheraton is now hosting a “Bhog— Temple Cuisine of India” and offering the traditional dishes from the temples around India. Bhog in Hindu religion means food given to the Gods. It’s one of the most spiritual meals I had ever experienced. My foodie gang, Pune Foodiez and I were invited to this beautiful food festival.

Bhog 1

A team of chefs at Four Points by Sheraton had travelled and hand-picked the dishes from the sacred temples in many part of India. The food are handle respectably to make every dish close to the original. No onion or garlic are used, the meal at this festival are rustic and seasoned with simple ingredients.

Bhog 2

When I first heard about the festival, two things came to my mind. First, it sounded very interesting, and second, everything was going to be vegetarian. I always doubt my ability to enjoy vegetarian meal, but I always like to keep my mind opened. At first, I was skeptical how the restaurant was going to pull it off, but I came to learn quickly that the simple vegetarian food can be very good and flavorful.

Bhog 8

For starters, I enjoyed Sabudana Wada, which was hot and crunchy. Sendha Namak Paneer (pan fried paneer) was soft and delicious. A bowl of rasam was very comforting and refreshing.

Bhog 5

For main course, the spread included Potal Rassa, Vegetable Toran, Chhanchwale Aloo, Kadi Pakoda, and many more. The dishes were packed with flavors, and I enjoyed them quite a lot.

Bhog 9

For desserts, the delights inspired by the temples’ sweets were served. Indian sweets in general are extremely sweet for me, but I did enjoy some of them.

Bhog 7

My advice would be taking small portions and try them.

Bhog 4

Bhog – the Temple Cuisine of India

At the Eatery, Four Points by Sheraton Pune

Buffet dinner price at Rs. 675 + taxes

From 31st July to 14th August 7.00pm -11.00pm

Tes (tweet to me at @Testerfly)

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