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Hampi Part 1: Krishna Temple and Krishna Bazaar

Sunrise in Hospet, we were tucked in the blanket. Though we planned to leave for Hampi at 6 am, we thought we deserved to be pampered in the warm bed a little longer. I had such a big expectation today. We basically changed the ending of our journey and squeezing every Rupee we had left to get us another day on the trip.

humpi part 1 pic 4

And now, as I’m writing about Hampi, I find myself overwhelmed by the memories and the pictures I took on this trip. I cannot fit everything into one post. I don’t even know how many posts are going to be there until I happily vent out the wonderful experience we had in this place.

humpi part 1 pic 1

Hampi is an ancient city in Karnataka State of India, an once upon the time capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, located on the banks of Tungabhadra River. The ruins in the city of Vijayanagara are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

humpi part 1 pic 2

It was still early in the morning, around 7 maybe, when we finally checked out from a hotel in Hospet and drove to Hampi. The road was so calm in the morning. The town was still sleepy when we left. On a 20 minutes drive to Hampi, the road was silent, and nobody but a few small restaurants on the sides of the road were up brewing their tea. And as we got closer to the ancient city, we started to notice ruins and old structures on the way, and it felt as if these places took us back in time.

humpi part 1 pic 9

We arrived at Krishna Temple Complex. Have you ever felt like your head suddenly went blank and filled with something accelerating before? I don’t even know how to explain that feeling but I got Goosebumps all over my body. The temple is magnificent. The entrance of the temple was in restoration process. Inside, the spacious elegant complex is filled with beautiful stone carvings.

humpi part 1 pic 7

Park your car at the parking facility on the opposite side of the road and walk around the complex on foot. You should buy a map of Humpi and booklet about Humpi here if you haven’t downloaded them from the internet or other sources already. You can also hire a local guide to show you around at this point.

humpi part 1 pic 3

Stone image at the entrance of Krishna Temple

humpi part 1 pic 5

Small shrine in the temple complex

humpi part 1 pic 6

Entrance of the main shrine

humpi part 1 pic 8
Yaseen and I sat and enjoyed the serene morning

humpi part 1 pic 10

The interior of the main shrine

humpi part 1 pic 11

The small shrine on next to the main shrine

humpi part 1 pic 12

The temple complex is spacious and beautiful

humpi part 1 pic 13

The divine statues and designs on the top of the shrine

humpi part 1 pic 18

On the east of the Temple, the sacred pool at Krishna Market looks peaceful against the morning sunlight.

humpi part 1 pic 14

Krishna Bazaar was the car street to the temple. There was nothing left but ruins and the crumbling stones.

humpi part 1 pic 15

Many parts of the bazaar are still under excavation.

humpi part 1 pic 19

And there is a pond or Pushkarni next to the bazaar.

humpi part 1 pic 17

On the side of the pond is the beautiful stone hill.

We spend about 1 hour at this 2 sites and felt hungry so we’re heading to Hampi Bazaar next to have breakfast. So stay tune to find out what we had in Hampi and where we headed next.

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