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Shivaji Trails: Tikona Fort

I am running quite late on updating the post on Shivaji Trails. Last two week, we have been to Tikona Fort and Visapur Fort, but I didn’t have time to write about any of them. Having been on a trek every weekend since we started Shivaji Trails, this wonderful journey keeps challenging us in so many levels. Trekking is fun, adventurous, accelerating, and it’s such a great activity to be a part of with my family and friends.

Tikona Fort 17

2 weeks ago, we visited Tikona Fort, the hill fort near Povana Lake. The fort is located near Kamshet at the elevation of 3,500 ft, and it is about 60 km from Pune. We drove out of the city early morning around 6 O’clock when the traffic in the old Pune- Mumbai National Highway was still calm. We took a left at Kamshet and continued toward Povana Dam. And at the dam, we took another left to cross Pavana River and to Tikona Peth. There are a few small restaurants here, and if you need to pack some food or drinking water, do so. The trail to Tikona Fort is about 2 kilometer from Tikona Peth.

Tikona Fort 1

At the foot of the hill to the fort, there is a parking area. From here the trail leads you to the top of the fort.

Tikona Fort 3

It was such a calm and beautiful day. We were surrounded by the green mountains and the gray sky. The rain was mild.

Tikona Fort 2

The trail to Tikona Fort was easy to handle considering we have been to so many difficult trails before. We could let Yaseen manage his own trek and let him explore every bit of the place by himself.

Tikona Fort 4

The trail slowly led us to the higher ground, and beautiful views of the luscious green countryside became more dramatic.

Tikona Fort 16

We reached the top of a small hill where we could trek along to the higher hill where Tikona Fort is located. The wind was quite strong here, blowing fresh rains to our faces.

Tikona Fort 5

There were a very few stretches on this trail that we needed to watch out for the steep path and slippery stones.

Tikona Fort 6

But not too long, we found a part of the fort structure.

Tikona Fort 7

There were crumbly stone steps everywhere in this trail, but it’s not difficult at all to walk on them.

Tikona Fort 8

And we found this curious-looking equipment. We asked the caretaker and he told us it was an ancient grinder.

Tikona Fort 9

On top of the fort, the mist settled in. We could see the narrow steep stairs shoot up the top.

Tikona Fort 10

This was the toughest part of the trail, we could say, but the steps were pretty solid and there were the cables on the side to grab on.

Tikona Fort 11

There are a drinking water tank inside the mountain. The trekkers who come to camp here at night use them for cooking and drinking.

Tikona Fort 15

And we made it to the fort! That was quick!

Tikona Fort 12

Here is the a structure on top of the fort.

Tikona Fort 13

And we found another water storage on top of Tikona Fort.

Tikona Fort 14 Here on top of the world again! We did it! That was quite easy. We took 45 minutes or so to get to the top.

Tikona Fort 18

We enjoyed the victory. Look at the mystique landscape behind the clouds.

Tikona Fort trail is one of the easiest trails we did so far. It took about 1.5-2 hours to finished the whole trip (up and down). The path is well-defined, and there is no misleading route. The scenery along the trek is gorgeous, and I think we can enjoy a trek like this more often.

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