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Hampi Part 2: Hampi Main Tower, Virupaksha Temple and Matunga Hill

My mind wanders back to our travel story from Hampi again. I remember the clear blue sky, the perfect summery day, and the mystique ruins we have visited. They make me miss travel. They make me wish I could just go on the roads nonstop and explore the world forever.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 1

If you missed my post on Hampi Part 1, which I wrote about Krishna Temple and Krishna Bazaar, please read it here. Our journey continued down the road when we drove to Hampi Bus Terminal, where we parked our car and walked to Virupaksha Temple.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 17

As we approached Hampi Main Tower, the entrance of Virupaksha Temple, we noticed a colorful Hampi Bazaar on the side. We headed there for breakfast afterwards, but right now the magnificent Bistappaya Tower was calling us. It was the grand entrance of the temple— setting gloriously on in the middle of the chariot road.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 5

When we entered the gate, unfortunately, we found out that photography is prohibited inside the temple complex. Virupaksha Temple is one of the oldest temples in India. It’s the heart and core of Hampi’s history, and today the important pilgrimage center of the region.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 10

We didn’t spend a lot of time in the temple, but it was divine, beautiful, elegant and sacred. Before we went in, we actually bought some bananas for the temple’s elephants, but we couldn’t meet them. When we came out, a monkey snatched a bag of bananas’ away from Yaseen’s hands, and that made him a little upset.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 9

To cheer Yaseen up, we took him up to the hill of Mutunga, where the beautiful views of Hampi and the rock formation could change his mood. There are the stone steps on the west side of this hill, next to Hampi Main Tower. The hill is famous for the sunset and sunrise spots of the town. On the top of the hill, there is the temple of Veerabhuvaneswara.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 2

On the hill, you would see many small shrines.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 3

Under the beautiful clear sky, it’s perfect to spend your day up here.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 4

Up here, you can see the Virupaksha Temple Complex from the distance.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 6

There are a lot of cravings on the rocks in this hill.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 7

Far away on the east, you can see Krishna Temple.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 8

There are many ruins to explore up here.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 11

You need a map or a guide to go through each part of the hill.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 12

There were these massive  rocks everywhere, and we believed that they were used as the construction materials for the shrines around here.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 13

In the morning and evening, people climb up here to watch the sun.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 14

Here you can see Hampi Main Tower.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 15

We spent about an hour up here and realized we were hungry and ready for a breakfast. Hampi Bazaar is just down the hill. It’s where we’re going to have some food.

Hampi Part 2 Pic 16

Are you hungry now? See you soon at Hampi Bazaar.

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