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Menu Tasting at Salt, Baner

For fans of Asian Cuisine, many restaurants in Pune now offer delightful menus that include popular dishes from many countries in this exotic region. Salt, a restaurant in Baner road, for example, has one of the most impressive menus that wrap Asian and Indian all together. Asian is what Salt concentrates on. The restaurant has a simple décor and plain, an option if you look for a quiet place to dine.

Salt 4

Last Sunday, my foodie gang, Pune Foodiez, and I were invited for a menu tasting at Salt. I am always delighted to try any Asian dish. It’s not only familiar, but it’s absolutely my family’s favorite cuisine.

Salt 8

Salt had prepared a special tasting menu for us. For starters, we had Cracker Prawns, Crab and Sprout Sheet Rolls, Salt Style Lamb Chops, Char Sui Pao, and Tai Chin Chicken. Vegetarian starters were Salt and Pepper Corn Cubes, Veg on Sugarcane Skewers and Crispy Beijing Onion Cake. We also had Spicy Broth Chicken Soup. Main Course included Steamed Fish in Pickled Chilis, Stir Fried Basil Chicken, Nasi Goreng, Chicken Pot Rice, stir fried bok choy with oyster mushroom and Burmese Khow Suey. Dessert was Chocolate Spring Rolls with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Salt 5

The dishes I really enjoyed were Cracker Prawns, prawns on skewers wrapped with wonton skin strips and deep-fried until golden brown. The prawn was succulent and juicy in contrast with crispy wonton skin on the outside.

Salt 6

Another dish I could go back for was Salt Style Lamb Chops. The lamb was well-seasoned and cooked beautifully.

Salt 9

Char Sui Pao had delicious chicken and mushroom stuffing flavored with the savory sweet hoisin sauce. I liked it although I wish the Pao could have been more light and fluffy.

Salt 7

Pepper Corn Cubes were interesting. I have never tried anything like it before. It was a chunk of corn flour cubes seasoned with salt and pepper.

Salt 24

The dishes that failed to impress us were Fish in Spicy Pickle Chili, Nasi Goreng and Khow Suey. Fish in Pickled Chili was too hot and pungent, and the flavor and texture of Basa fish really was a turn off. Khow Suey lacked the aroma and flavor.

Salt 27

Chocolate Spring Rolls with Ice Cream for dessert was just alright. I did like it though I wish the spring rolls should have been crispier and the wrapper should not too thick.

Salt 1


Signet Corner, Diagonally Opposite Orchid School,

Baner Balewadi Phata, Baner, Pune

Tes (tweet to me at @Testerfly)

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