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Menu Tasting at the Brooklyn Shuffle Diner

Pune’s famous American diner, the Brooklyn Shuffle is known for its funky and eccentric ambience, chill-out vibe and the famous cheesecake. I wrote about this place before, when I first met my foodie gang, Pune Foodiez, at our first Meet-up. And now that the restaurant has introduced more dishes to the menu, we were called back for a tasting.

brooklyn shuffle 1

Along with some addictive bites, burgers, subs and sandwiches, Brooklyn Shuffle now offers some healthy salads and a new section of main course which includes the heavyweight dishes to satisfy the big appetite.

brooklyn shuffle 3

I am not a kind of person who goes to a restaurant and order salad, but I have to admit that after trying 4 different types of salad at Brooklyn Shuffle, I was convinced that I could indulge in some healthy food once since a while.

brooklyn shuffle 8

My favorite was Watermelon with Feta. I know it’s an overdone dish, most restaurants in every corner of the city serve it, but here it was made really right somehow. The fresh sweet watermelon and the crumbly soft feta came together well.

brooklyn shuffle 4

I also found Vegetable and Sprout Salad to be very interesting. The flavor was rather Asian, with fresh crunchy sprouts, veggies and pomegranate gems tossed in nutty sesame seed oil dressing.

brooklyn shuffle 9

A bowl of Lemon and Coriander Chicken Soup was delightful. It was mild and subtle. The fainted lemon flavor swirled in the creamy comforting broth. It was quite delicious.

brooklyn shuffle 14

And here comes the much anticipating main course started with Grilled Pork Chops with BBQ Sauce, Mushroom Ragout with Brown Rice, Fried Chicken with Cheese Fondue, Corn-Jalapenos Crunchy Potato Steak, Char-grilled Cottage Cheese Steak, Veg Au Gratin, Fish & Chips, Spaghetti Lamb Bolognaise and Steak with Pear Onion Jus.

brooklyn shuffle 12

The dish I adored the most was Fried Chicken with Cheese Fondue. The chicken was soaked in buttermilk making it wonderfully tender when deep fried to crispy perfection. It was well-seasoned, and the warm cheese sauce was a fit company to the dish.

brooklyn shuffle 21

I would also be happy to go back for Spaghetti Lamb Bolognaise. It was robust and flavor. Though I found the dish to be very saucy, but it’s not something I really wanted to complain about when I could scoop out the delicious lamb mince with the soft garlic bread later.

brooklyn shuffle 13

For vegetarian, Mushroom Ragout with Brown Rice was a good option. The mushroom was nicely done, and the sauce was creamy and flavorful.

brooklyn shuffle 19

Corn, Jalapenos Crunchy Potato Steak was very impressive. The croquette was hot and crispy on the outside and melting soft on the inside. It was served with creamy pesto which went so well together.

brooklyn shuffle 10

I was disappointed with Fish & Chips and Steak with Pear Onion Jus, two dishes I was most eager to try. Fish and Chips was too bland, and the steak was too chewy.

brooklyn shuffle 18

I am looking forward to try steak another day when it is cooked until perfect medium.

brooklyn shuffle 23

For dessert, we tried everything on the menu—from Brooklyn Shuffle’s famous cheesecake, apple crumble, brownie, chocolate cake and banana split. The cheesecake was gorgeous, dense, luscious and creamy. It’s truly worth the buzz.

brooklyn shuffle 24

Apple Crumble and chocolate brownie both were served with ice cream, hard to go wrong with a delightful combination like that.

brooklyn shuffle 27

Chocolate cake and banana split were fine though hard to stand out along the side of other exceptionally delightful desserts on the menu.

brooklyn shuffle 30

So the additional main course section on the menu of Brooklyn Shuffle is definitely a must try— perfect if you want something big and filling. And don’t forget to have some cheesecakes at the end of your meal.

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2 comments to Menu Tasting at the Brooklyn Shuffle Diner

  • Kushal Doshi

    Well the food was very good but the service lacks. As a result however good the food may be the attitude of the staff especially the senior staff needs to improve immediately or else or the chefs good work will be washed away.

    Pull up your socks guys.

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