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Menu Tasting at WTF! Seasons Mall

There is something inescapably funky about WTF! Whether it’s the quirky name, the concept, the air or the food, WTF! makes a fun hangout spot to chill when the sun is down. Pune has already acquainted with WTF!’s first outlet in Phoenix Market City as a pocket-friendly neighborhood bar. Now the second outlet in Seasons Mall in Magarapatta is set to please the city, and my foodie gang, Pune Foodiez, and I were invited for a menu tasting.


It’s the dim light, the peculiar graffitied walls and music that immediately led the party mood. There is an outdoor seating area that filled with evening air, and the inside is cozy and warm.


WTF! is known for its well-stocked bar. Since I don’t drink any alcohol, I had some Kiwi and Green Mango Mocktail. It was delightful.

I love the concept of food and the easy menu at WTF! It offers something from greasy street bites, some quick fixes like sandwich, burgers and pizzas, varieties of the very appetizing starters and a few main courses that includes Maggi noodle which, to tell you the truth, I was kind of excited about.

What Wow Me


Crispy Chilli Veg was my favorite dish of the night. The vegetable was crispy and tossed in the spicy savory perfection. Brilliant!


Chettinad Chicken Wings was succulent and packed with aromatic herbs and spices. They went well with the drinks.


Lisa’s Srilankan Beef reminds me of the home-cooked style beef in Kerala. It would have been better if the meat was a bit tenderer, but theflavor was out there.


Chilli Beef Sandwich was scrumptious. The bread was grilled until crispy on the outside with juicy hot filling on the inside ozzing out. Love it!


Chicken Cheese Maggi, instant noodle with chicken and cheese, was comforting. Though my friends at the table wouldn’t agree with me, I found this dish to be quite enjoyable.


Kheema Pav, delicious chicken kheema with warm soft pav, was well-cooked for my taste. And the dish would have been more complete if it was a tad spicier.

What Average


Lemongrass Chicken was minced chicken wrapped in lemongrass stalks and grilled. I thought the chicken was mild, and the flavor of fresh lemongrass should have shined through.


Masala Onion Rings was spiced greasy onion rings. I loved the flavor and I don’t mind the greasiness, but I wished the rings were crunchier.


Bombil Thecha Roll was deep fried Bombay duck fish. I have never tried something like this before, but expected it to have more flavor and be crispier.



WTF! Kebab Sandwich was grilled spiced chicken sandwich. It was decent.


WTF! Kebab, nicely seasoned and grilled chicken kebab with mint chutney, was warm and subtle.


Mini Chicken Burger tasted rather like chicken sandwich in mini burger buns. I would have loved it if the buns were buttery soft.


I had a mixed feeling for Hummus Pita. The hummus was delicious, but pita was very dense and tough. If the pita was right, this could have been perfect.

What Could Be Better


Jalapeno Poppers was too bland, and I didn’t feel any Jalapeno kick.


Chicken Naan Pizza went wrong somehow. With the simple toppings, the crust was too hard and chewy that made the dish unpleasant. If the crust was fixed, this dish would have been better.


So my Friday night at WTF! was fun and wonderful. It’s always good to hangout with my gang. I love the atmosphere, the food goes with the vibe, accelerating music ,and I know now what exactly I will order on my next visit.

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