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The Blue Frog, Pune

The city of Pune is becoming more and more restless, exciting and vivid these days. With a number of restaurants and pubs popping up around town, the residents get more choices to chill-out after a long day. The Blue Frog, a well-known premium pub chain that does well in Mumbai and Delhi, is now opened in Ishanya Mall, Yerwada, Pune. It’s Wednesday night, and my friends from Pune Foodiez gang and I were invited to sample the menu.

I walked in to the open and spacious ambience, the inside especially buzzy with sleek comfy couches and a stage for live bands. There is an opened kitchen and bar connecting to alfresco area. The atmosphere definitely was very relaxing.

blue frog 2

The polychromatic bar menu includes vibrant cocktails, domestic and imported alcohols, wines, beers and a few refreshing mocktails. Since I don’t drink alcohol, I had a drink called Maiden’s Prayer which was a blend of guava, mango, orange and strawberry— very sweet and refreshing. I also had Virgin Watermelon Mojito which I liked it better than my first drink.

blue frog 6

To go with the colorful drink menu, the chefs at Blue Frog spin the cozy comfort food with Globe-trotting ingredients. They won’t call it entirely fusion, but the experiments and something different to taste your palate. Thai Spiced Chicken Satay, for example, was served with blueberry chutney and tender coconut and fennel salad.

blue frog 5

I love it when the restaurants used fresh seafood on the menu. I believe that it’s hard to go wrong with beautiful wholesome ingredients. Wok Tossed Garlic Pepper Shrimp had succulents pieces of shrimp perfectly prepped and cooked, laced with smoky red chilies and tempering mustard seeds and subtle sweetness of soy sauce.

blue frog 3

The sugar and spices glazed Chicken Wings were wonderfully crispy and dark on the outside, sweet and tender on the inside. The secret Frog Rubs gave an addictive melody to each bite. This dish was served with blue cheese dip which complimented with caramelized wings very well.

blue frog 8

Move on to the main course. Tiger Prawns with Raw Mango Salsa, Upma, Carrot Slaw and Malai Curry was to die for. The prawn was grilled to perfection with piquant sweet and sour mango salsa on top of it.

blue frog 11

Kerala Chicken was stuffed with broccoli and Emmenthal, drenched in turmeric and coconut milk sauce. Savory pancake was served along with it. I adored the beautifully cooked chicken, but the single noted sauce could be lighter and fresher.

blue frog 9

My friends also ordered pork ribs and pizza which I skipped. The dishes looked gorgeous, and these guys warn to the deliciousness of this Pepperizo Pizza.

blue frog 13

Cheesecake, Panna Cotta and Warm Chocolate Fudge were for served at the end of the meal. While I was quite happy with the starters and main course, I expected the desserts to be a lot better.

I couldn’t wait to end up at Blue Frog again. And to be honest, I am looking forward to check out the bands though Blue Music is not the kind of music I like. One thing I know for sure, I’m going back for the prawns and the wings.

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