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Traditional Cake Mixing Event at the Westin Koregaon Park, Pune

Food, to me is not just an edible items but a process altogether to put something fantastic on a plate, tastes better when you get your hands in it. This is true. I’m a true believer of community spirit transpired during the festivities.

Cake mixing Westin 9

Christmas is a couple of months away, not that long considering tons of things to be put together on the big day. It’s going to be a busy season for everyone. A delightful menu has to be crafted, the invites and guest list had to be prepared and sent, the gifts to be wrapped, the ovens will be pushed to their limits to bake many decadent dishes, and the dark crumbly moist Christmas cake will be savored.

Cake mixing Westin 4

Cake mixing Westin 5

Cake mixing Westin 6

Cake mixing Westin 7

Cake mixing Westin 8

The Westin Pune with its star chefs, the management team and the guests joined hands in the traditional cake mixing event last evening (October 11th).  This magical cake mixing rituals involves 170 kg of dried fruits and 90 ltrs of alcohol to be sealed and soaked together for weeks in the making of the 1200 lb giant cake for Christmas.

Cake mixing Westin 10

Cake mixing Westin 11

Cake mixing Westin 13

Cake mixing Westin 14

Cake mixing Westin 15

Cake mixing Westin 16

Cake mixing Westin 19

General Manager at Starwood Hotels and Resorts @ Westin Pune, Sujeet kumar, and Executive Chef Anurudh Khanna led the crowds to mix dried fruits and soak them in luscious liquor. It’s the beginning of the celebration. The fume of brandy, rum, spices, fruits and nuts were intoxicating, promising the vibrant taste of the beautiful cakes by Christmas.

Cake mixing Westin 17

Cake mixing Westin 18

On the other side, Chef Giuseppe Lioce helped the kids with their lovely cake mixing, using dried fruits and juice. Such an adorable scene! Later, they made some cupcakes and delicious short breads.

Cake mixing Westin 1

Cake mixing Westin 2

Cake mixing Westin 3

Sangrias, punches, cakes and delicious bites were passing around the party. It already feels so cozy at Westin. We wrote on the graffiti wall… and now waiting for that delicious Christmas Cake.

P.S. Thanks my best friend Mr. Shri for taking these awesome pictures 🙂

The Westin Koregaon Park Pune

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Pune, Maharashtra 411001


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