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Alfresco, Four Points by Sheraton

Winter is probably the most beautiful season of Pune city. The air is chilling in the morning and keeping warm throughout the day. In the evening, it’s cooler again, making the weather perfect for a barbeque. Four Points by Sheraton seems to design Alfresco, beyond the Eatery, especially for welcoming the cozy season. Setting right outside the Eatery, the main restaurant of the hotel, Alfresco has a breezy, open layout with live barbeque and cooking station that spread the aroma of herbs and spices throughout the restaurant. It’s very charming, especially with the murmuring sounds of the mini waterfalls lingering in the background. There’s a green lawns with the tables spread on the other side, and these are perfect for chilling over a good meal. Pune Foodiez and I were invited for the menu tasting.

alfresco 3

Alfresco serves beer, wines, cocktails, mocktails and juices as the bar menu is operating from the Eatery.

alfresco 1

So in a way, it’s very an accommodatable place. The menu is beautifully crafted with vibrant flavors and choices of fresh ingredients to be barbequed, grilled, baked and cooked in the colorful tagine pots. The perfume and aroma of the exotic spices made the dishes intriguing.

alfresco 5

Blackened Fish, the beautiful pieces of kingfish marinated with Chef’s Special Spice Mix, was packed with flavor and cooked to perfection.

alfresco 4

Moroccan Lamp Kabob had the subtle fragrant of the spices. The meat was soft and tender.

alfresco 7

I especially loved Boozy Beef Steak, the char-grilled brandy marinated tenderloin steak. It was smoky and melting.

alfresco 8

Pesto Garlic Prawn on Skewers was the delightful juicy prawns that grilled perfectly. The marinade tasted a little faint, but it allowed the fresh flavor of the prawns to come alive.

alfresco 10

And if you miss Desi flavor, check out the Tandoori section. Tandoori Lamp chops were cooked so well, tender and smoky, but it was a bit spicy for me.

alfresco 9

I was definitely in love with Seafood Pizza at Alfresco. The tomato sauce was fresh, zingy and sweet, and it lifted up the flavor of fresh squid rings, prawns and fish on the top. What a delight!

alfresco 12

Alfresco is eager to introduce the authentic flavor of Moroccan in its tagines with the fragrant spices, fresh produce and the delicate preserve lemons that bring out the punch of flavors in every bite. Lamp Tagine is a must have.

alfresco 11

Warm couscous and grilled vegetable on the side were the perfect accompanies.

alfresco 13

The compact menu of Alfresco offers bold flavors and variety of comfort food that is so perfect for the coming season. The ambience is welcoming and fused with fragrance of food. And if you enjoy the easy, relaxing evening… this is definitely it.

alfresco 2

Alfresco, Beyond the Eatery

Four Points by Sheraton, Viman Nagar

Phone: 020 30189635

Tes (tweet to me at @Testerfly)

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