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Dandeli, Karnataka

There are so many ways to travel. I love to own the moment, to let it fly and to not rush from one place to another. It’s not about where you go—abroad, here, there… it’s all about how you cherish every step of the way. Pacing yourself is a part of the journey, too. And learn to relax! I really needed to relax and thanks the boys for taking me Dandeli, a paradise jungle in Karnataka, India.

Dandeli 1

It’s been a while we took a trip like this, the trip that cut us out from the rest of the world, where our smart phones have no use, and a place where we could only hear the forest melody in the air.

Dandeli is a town in Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, India. Surrounded by thick forest and beautiful national park, it’s truly a dream comes alive for nature lovers.

Dandeli 2

I didn’t remember much about that evening when we reached our room at White Water Resort, a riverside stay where we’re going to spend 2 nights in. I was a little tired and it started to rain wildly. I saw the river in front of me but I couldn’t get close to enjoy. I spent that evening in the room that was slightly wet and humid, looking out the window for the blurry view behind the curtain of rain. And then the night claimed the forest. It was dark everywhere. Our dinner were Chapati (Indian Flatbread), chicken curry, dal (lentil stew), some veggies and warm rice, served in a small shack close to the river, to where we careful made our way. And that night I didn’t sleep well. All I heard was the rain.

Dandeli 13


In the morning, the energetic Sadik woke us up. I didn’t know when it had stopped raining but there was another sounds purling outside our door. The river. Our resort is situated on the bank of Kali River. The sound of white water rapids was gushing everywhere. The view was breath-taking. This was when I really fell in love with the place. We had some coffee and tea with a package of biscuits, and then our guide took us for Nature Walk.

Nature Walk

Dandeli 3

We love trekking, and we love nature. This was wonderful. The forest is thick, covered with green leaves, thick barks, earthy fragrance and bird songs. We made our way through a narrow path, where tall grasses ran their leaves all over us.

Dandeli 5

And then we reached an old mine which is converted into the rope rappelling site. The worst part of this activity was the leeches!!! Oh God, they’re so freaky. I hate them. They got on our shoes and tried to bite our legs. I was mortified.

Breakfast on the Side of the River

Dandeli 7

After the Nature Walk, we sat down at the beautiful porch on the side of the river, and our breakfast was served there. This humble and beautiful feast includes fresh omelets, buttered toasts and the local jam. Coffee and tea were delicious, too. It was divine! I wish I could carry this moment with me back home.


Dandeli 16

I spent a few hours reading on the porch, while Sadik and Yaseen went for fishing. I could see them laughing and enjoying themselves though they didn’t get any fish. Anyway, Yaseen got the leech bite again, and this time, he was totally freaked out and he wanted us to carry him all the time. We had to calm him down, and then we took him for a walk along the river.

Boat Ride

Dandeli 11

Before lunch, we went for a boat ride. It was exciting. The water was moving fast, and we had to paddle hard ourselves. I was nervous about how Yaseen was going to handle this, but he was totally great. The water was fresh and cool.

Dandeli 8

The river was cover with the forest on both sides. So much fun!

Lunch was similar to what we had for dinner, but we had some extra delicious dessert on the side.

Bubble Roller

Dandeli 14

The boys had an awesome time in the Bubble Roller in the river. I watched them on the side. I could see Yaseen stumble and fall. But from the sound of laugher I heard, they loved it. It was a true fat burner. I swear they were skinnier when they came out of it.

Natural Jacuzzi

In the evening, we went to big water rapid area where the locals called Natural Jacuzzi. We sat in the water stream rushing through the rocks. It felt like natural water massage on our foot and it was fun sitting in the fast flowing stream.

White Water Rafting

Dandeli 9

Dandeli 12

This is one of the best places in India for rafting. There are 9 rapids with a level 3 smooth and fast drop.  This experience is one of its kinds. The clean water literally looks white, and the currents were strong.

A Cozy Bonfire

Dandeli 15

There was a bonfire at night. The hearty meal was served and we made new friends over dinner.

Dandeli 6

In the morning, we had some tea, said good bye to the friendly staff at the resort and headed to Kerala. We spent Rs. 8,500 for 2 nights. All meals and activities are included in the package. It was totally worth it 🙂

It was great to be back to the nature. I almost forgot how simple and beautiful life could be. The boys helped me realize the sweetness of being humble and enjoying every moment that is offered to us. I wanted to be back to Dandeli sometime in the quiet season. Want to join me?

Tes (tweet to me at @Testerfly)

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    I want to go now to Dandeli! And do the nature walks sans leeches, I know, not possible, hehehe. Love everything about this post Tes! Also, you really make me feel like I’m traveling with you:)

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