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A Day of Food Adventure in Kerala

If you are following me on twitter (@Testerfly), you’ve already seen my fun food adventure in Kerala yesterday. The boys and I went on our little food trip, finding some of the best local food and savor every bit of it on the way. So here’s a glimpse of our journey if you missed it yesterday. The whole story will be on November issue of The Foodiez Magazine which will be out next week.

So let’s ride!


Before we left our house in Kerala, we actually had some black tea while getting in the car and starting this food trip. Our next cup of tea was with milk and fused with cardamom and ginger.


The fresh catch of the day was on the menu. The flaky sweet pieces of super-size kingfish was muddled in the tangy and spicy gravy. Appam was perfect to go with it.


Don’t be surprise to see something as heavy as Kerala Paratha on a breakfast plate. They’re meant to be used to sop up the mellow rich Malabar Chicken Curry.


We went to the harbor to find some rustic fish curries, but found ourselves on the small shack on the side of the highway with a hearty meal.


Rice with vegetable stews, beans and pan-fried green banana on the side, fresh fish was coated with spice mix and shallow-fried in the cast-iron skillet. The smell was invite.


Fancy something different? Try cooked tapioca with vegetable curry and fried local eel. So good!


See this is where we stopped. It’s very humble. Most customers were truck drivers and fishermen.


When we reached the beach, there were these little stores filled with candies and snacks that reminded us of our childhoods. I remembered when I was a kid, I used to play in a playground next to the lake looked exactly like this.


It’s Tuesday. There weren’t any tourists, but some locals hanging out under shades of coconut trees and some of them fishing on the shore.


The we drove to another beach for some stuffed mussels.


Here they are! Super crispy on the outside, flavorful and soft on the inside.


These mussels are sold on the carts along the beach in Calicut city all year round. We stopped here strictly for them.


The traditional Moppila Biryani is not to be missed even if you’re so stuffed already. It’s fragrant and packed with flavor.


For dessert we went to Zain’s Restaurant for these beautiful Malabar desserts. They’re delightful and we were definitely sugar high at that point.

These are just a fraction of what we actually had that day, more of it will be included in The Foodiez Magazine. If you like to see more pictures and read more about my food adventure in Kerala, don’t forget to check it out.

I’m off to eat again!

Tes (tweet to me at @Testerfly)

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