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My Big Fat Greek Kitchen at Olive Bistro, Pune

Olive Bistro Pune is one of the restaurants in the city that execute the food festivals really well. I still remember the vibrant and smoky flavor of Mexican BBQ Fest here in last July, and now the restaurant has transformed an entire menu to showcase the luscious fresh flavor of Greek Cuisine for a whole month.

I always adore the ambience at Olive Bistro. It’s warm and cozy with the lovely rustic details. At night especially, when the light is dimmed and the candles are lit, the place becomes very romantic and pretty.

Olive Greek Kitchen 1

My Big Fat Greek Kitchen Menu is now running in full swing at Olive Bistro with colorful exotic cocktails and mocktails, dips with warm pita bread, soup, salad, succulent main course, desserts and oh so much more. Pune Foodiez is lucky to be invited for a menu tasting.

I ordered a Berry Pine Mocktail, a little sparkling purple drink made with fresh blueberry, pineapple juice, lime and fizz. The blueberry flavor was a little faint, but it was quite refreshing.

Olive Greek Kitchen 9

What I really loved was Pomegranate Fizz, the delightful glass of fresh pomegranate juice, orange marmalade, orange tang, lime, sugar and fizz. For cocktails, my friends loved Tiramisu Martini and Greek Mojito.

Olive Greek Kitchen 2

Melitzanosalata, aubergine dip with hot pita bread, had creamy texture and a lot of flavor while Smoke Salmon Dip with Greek Yoghurt & Capers could use a bit more salmon taste in it.

Olive Greek Kitchen 3

The pita bread was nice and warm. There were also some comforting soup and healthy salads on the menu, but we decided to skip them.

Olive Greek Kitchen 7

Beer Battered Fried Shrimps were scrumptious, and the dip was sweet and sour, perfect to go with the crunchy fried shrimps.

Olive Greek Kitchen 6

Greek Cheese Saganaki was beautifully fried and had the golden sweet crust on the outside. The Honey and Lemon dressing gave a good kick to it.

Olive Greek Kitchen 5


A cozy winter night calls for Greco Chicken & Cream Cheese Pizza. The crispy thin base held the generous amount of marinated chicken, tomato, onion, feta and mozzarella with cream cheese sauce. It was oozy and comforting, and I loved it with Tabasco and chili flakes which helped cutting through the heavy cheesy topping.

Olive Greek Kitchen 4

The big fat Beef Gyro Wrap was the star of the night. Don’t miss it. The warm pita bread wrap was filled with perfectly cooked beef and juicy fresh tomato and onion.

Olive Greek Kitchen 8

For main course, we asked for Pan Seared Red Snapper with grilled leek, baby potato, young pea and spicy smoked chili sauce. I found the fish to be a little dried, but other components in the dish seemed to work well together.

Olive Greek Kitchen 10

I loved Shank Kleftiko, lamb leg morsels cooked in a pot of potatoes, herbs and vegetables topped with Kalamata olive oil and feta cheese. The meat melt and it was packed with flavor.

Olive Greek Kitchen 11

I can say that I never had a disappointing dessert at Olive Bistro.  OB Baklava was luscious, filled with nuts and delicious syrup. For chocolate lovers, OB Chocolate Salami, dark chocolate & pistachio medallions with butter crunch Greek yoghurt ice cream, was sinful. Not too sweet, but rich and satisfying.

Olive Greek Kitchen 13


You definitely shouldn’t miss Greek Yoghurt Panacotta with Pistachio Biscotti and Berry Compote. The panacotta was decadent and smooth. Every spoonful was divine. The biscotti on the side was nutty and crunchy. This is a dish I can definitely go back for more again and again.

Olive Greek Kitchen 12

I love the whole My Big Fat Greek Kitchen menu at Olive Bistro right now. It’s fresh, exciting and wonderful. Now we have a whole month to try out the menu, and I can’t wait to see what Olive Bistro will come up with next.

Olive Bistro

Poona Club, 6 Bund Garden Road,

Pune 411001 T: +91 7709048228

Twitter: @OliveBistroPune

Instagram: @olivebistropune

Zomato: Olive Bistro

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