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Anonymous Café and Bar

I was very excited to check out a place called “Anonymous Café and Bar” in Kalyani Nagar just because the name of this place sounded very interesting. Anonymous. Shhh! So secretive and alluring. It is located on the rooftop of Cerebrum in Kumar IT Park. The lounge is very spacious. There’re a cozy area to dine in and an opened space filled with dim light and surrounded by beautiful city views.

Anonymous 1

In the evening, the air is perfect up there, so breezy and cool. Anonymous Café and Bar definitely gives Pune City another option as a place to chill after a long day. The menu here offers everything from Indian, Italian, Mexican and Fast Food munchies. My Foodie gang, Pune Foodiez, was invited for a menu tasting.

Anonymous 2

While the bar was sending out colorful cocktails, beers and other alcoholic delights, I had a refreshing glass of kiwi based mocktail. It was a bit too sweet for my taste, but the drink did go well with the spicy and flavorful dishes they served that night.

Anonymous 3

Baffalo Strips was robust in flavor, packed with spices and a hint of parsley. The chicken was cooked really well and still very juicy on the inside.

Anonymous 4

Barbeque Lamp Chop was absolutely my favorite dish of the night. The chops were melting and tender, beautifully seasoned, and the portion was very generous.

Anonymous 5

Chicken Tikka was loaded with aromatic spices and grilled to perfection. It was smoky, juicy and full of flavor.

Anonymous 7

Rotisserie Chicken was subtle and succulent. One of my friends thought the sautéed raw garlic on top was a bit much, but I totally enjoyed the flavor.

Anonymous 8

Pesto Pesto Chicken Pizza is another must try. The pizza crust was perfect, light and fresh, and the topping was oozing hot. My only wish was that the pesto could have been more pungent and bold.

Anonymous 9

Chicken Aglio Olio is one of the popular dishes here at Anonymous. It had massive serving portion and tasted very comforting. The texture of pasta was a bit dry that night, otherwise this dish would have been a real winner.

Anonymous 10

So far the food here was wonderful, and I wished the desserts worked in the same standard. Unfortunately, we didn’t really enjoy blueberry cheesecake and chocolate walnut slice that night. The restaurant ensured us they would work on these dishes though. I love it when a place like this wants to perfect every dish on its menu.

I love the ambience and the diverse menu at Anonymous Café and Bar that I’m already plan to go back with the boys and their friends next month. I’m missing that Chicken Pesto Pesto Pizza and I’m willing to give the dessert another try.

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