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Chicken Liver and Giblet with Ridge Gourd

I am missing a humble kitchen back at home. I remember walking down the stairs early morning to the sleepy kitchen. It was a plain room without cabinets or sink with the wooden windows facing our backyard garden. I always wished my parents make a door from the kitchen to the garden so I didn’t have to climb out of the windows when they asked me to go pick up our homegrown herbs. They never did; and whenever I go back home, I still have to climb out the window sometimes.

liver with ridge gouard 2

In that little kitchen, we have a couple of coal stoves. Every morning and evening, it used to be my duty to cook rice on one of them while my mom and dad would cook on the other. The meal at home was always simple and comforting. Ingredients were picked from our land and fences, including chicken and eggs. The ridge gourds were always grown around the trees and fences. We would steam them to accompany the dipping sauce or stir fried them with eggs, but my favorite was cooking them with liver and giblets. This is a very rustic dish, and it’s so good with hot sticky rice.

liver with ridge gouard 3

Chicken Liver and Giblet with Ridge Gourd


100 gm chicken liver- sliced

100 gm giblets- sliced

2 medium ridge gourds- scrapped the sharp parts and sliced

1 cup chicken stock

1 tbsp fish sauce

1 stalk lemon grass- sliced

2 shallots- sliced

2 red chilies- sliced

A handful lemon basil


In a medium sauce pan, mix chicken liver, giblets, lemon grass, chilies and shallots. Add fish sauce and mix well.

Place the pan over the low heat and gently cook until the liver and giblet are cooked. Add a little chicken stock if it becomes too dry. But generally when you cook this, the liver and giblet will release some liquid into the dish, and there is no need to add the stock at this stage.

Add the rest of the stock and bring to boil; then add ridge gourd, and cook further until the ridge gourd becomes soft.

Add lemon basil, and check the seasoning.

Serve with stick rice or white rice.

liver with ridge gouard 1






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