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What I Do with Leftover 5 Spice Beef Stew

When I cook a big pot of beef like what I did with Chinese Five Spice Beef Stew in the previous post, there is always some leftover. I store it in a Tupperware and freeze it. This can go for a month, and it comes in so handy often when you’re hungry and need a quick bowl of comfort food.

noodle with beef broth 1

Make Some Broth

The stew is rich and thick. Add some water to make a thin broth. Skim off the fat and impurity. You may add some seasoning to adjust the flavor as well.

noodle with beef broth 2

Noodle with Five Spice Beef Broth

Now blanch some noodle and place it in a really big bowl. The magic happens when you add the broth to the noodle. Now enjoy!


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