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The Lovely Tea from Teavivire

I’m neither a coffee drinker nor a tea drinker. I don’t really fancy hot beverages except hot cocoa in winter. I know this may sound a little whiny but both coffee and tea have that bitter taste in them that I just can’t seem to like. I don’t rely on them like most people do, but I don’t mind having a sweet cup of coffee or tea with friends at the café sometimes.

But when it comes to “flower tea” or “fruit tea”, there’s a different story.

I love them. Unlike regular tea leaves, flower tea and fruit tea give lovely flavors and colors.

flower tea 5

My favorite flower tea is Roselle Tea. It’s very refreshing and can be served hot or cold. Roselle Ice Tea is delicious. Every time I go back home in Thailand, I make sure I carry a kilo of dried reoselle with me to India. Another flower tea I really love is Chrysanthemum Tea. This one is very soothing. It always makes me relaxed and feels wonderful.

flower tea 2

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to TeaVivre from China. I visited the website and checked out their vast variety of tea. There are so many kinds of green tea, black tea, white tea, flower tea, herbal and fruit tea, etc. The website is very informative, and I love that there are many flavors available instead of just the conventional tea I’m used to. I was very interested in the flower tea and herbal and fruit tea that are on the website, and the company has sent me some samples to try.

And here my tea has arrived. I got Organic Dehydrated Camellia, Waterlilies Fruit Tea, Cornflower Blue Fruit Tea, Vanilla Spring Fruit Tea, Unbridled Love Fruit Tea.

flower tea 1

Here’s what Waterlilies  Fruit Tea looks like…

flower tea 4

There are apple, roselle, orange peel, and pineapple in it. It looks very beautiful out of the package. I adore the fruity taste in the tea. It’s very refreshing, and I know it’s really good for health as well. Now I’m simply falling in love with this tea.

flower tea 6

If you love tea and healthy drink, go explore TeaVivre and you might find your favorite tea there.


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