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Thai Yellow Fish Curry

Sorry I have been slow on blogging lately. I just got back from a short trip to Kerala. Sadik’s cousin sister got married and we had to attend this beautiful event. At the same time, in Thailand my mom got a fractured spine and had a major surgery. She’s in recovery now and I’m so worried everyday wishing I could be with her. I told my friend “I think God paid too much attention to the detail of my life.” I feel like I couldn’t rest. But I’m glad she’s getting better every day, and I can’t wait to see her in April.

Now to the lighter topic— it’s been a while I cook mackerels. The boys love it, and there’s so many ways I can make the delicious dishes out of it. Yesterday I make this Thai Yellow Fish Curry, and I actually had to work on this against a little evening sunlight that was left because I determined to get some shots of this dish for my blog.

Yellow Fish Curry 9

So here it is… I did my best with the photography and finished the whole thing before sunset. The boys said the curry was so good! They had it with rice and some appam.

Thai Yellow Fish Curry


500 gm mackerel- cleaned and cut in halves (you can cook the whole fish too, but I figure I have a small pan so I have to cut my fish)

2 tbsp Thai Yellow Curry Paste

1 cup vegetable stock

1 cup coconut cream

A handful fresh basil

Sugar and fish sauce to taste

1 tbsp oil + 2tbsp oil for shallow frying fish


Yellow Fish Curry 2

Heat oil in a large pan over medium- high heat and fry fish until slightly brown on the outside. This should take about 2 minutes each side. Remove the fish from the pan and keep aside.

Yellow Fish Curry 3

In another pan over the medium heat, heat 1 tbsp oil and stir fry Thai Yellow Curry Paste until fragrant.

Yellow Fish Curry 4

Add vegetable stock and bring to boil.

Yellow Fish Curry 5

Add the fish, sugar and fish sauce. Simmer for 5 minutes.

Yellow Fish Curry 6

Add coconut cream and cook further until the curry is about to boil.

Yellow Fish Curry 8

Turn off the heat and add basil. Stir well and check the seasoning again.

Yellow Fish Curry 7

Serve hot with some rice.

What’s your favorite recipe for fish?


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