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GM Diet Day 1

I just want to update my day 1 of GM diet before I go to bed. Today I only ate fruits and drank lots of water. I didn’t exercise because to be honest, eating just fruits today has been making me feel a bit tired.

So What You Should Eat on Day 1 of GM Diet

All kind of fruits are allowed on day 1 of GM Diet except banana. It is advised to have lots of melons and fruits that contain lots of fluids. You should also drink minimum 10 glasses of water.

What I Ate

GM Diet Day 1 Pic 1


Like I told you this morning, I wasn’t that prepared. In the morning, I only had a handful of grapes and a big glass of water for breakfast. This wasn’t that hard for me because lately I have been skipping breakfast or having it really late. I felt fresh in the morning having something sweet and cold, but then I started to feel very hungry by lunch.


I had watermelon, kiwi and some grapes. Again lots of water. Fruits did fill me up and gave me enough energy, but I started to crave other food that I love. I needed to motivate myself by thinking about the big picture, about how I would be happy at the end of this program.


I was super tired by the end of the day. I had dinner early, and it was some watermelon and lots of water. I already started to feel like losing my water weight so I tried to stay hydrated as much as possible.

GM Diet Day 1 Pic 2

I’m looking forward to day 2. Potatoes with some butter for breakfast does sound good. I don’t mind a lot of veggies tomorrow.


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