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Going on GM Diet

Hey folks. Sorry I have been MIA for a week now. I’m so sorry I should really be more active on my blog, but I’m in the middle of a hectic schedule of processing my visa and setting up my business. About that, I will tell you about them later. Anyway, today I have a different post for you. Instead of posting a yummy recipe, I’m going to tell you about GM diet. Oh yeah, I finally have to come to term with the fact that I’m getting chubby, and if I’m not doing anything about it, I will probably end up being that fat kid again.

So before I’m going into this, let me tell you a little about my history on GM diet. I tried it once before, both Sadik and I actually. At that time (that was a little under a year ago), he was super skeptical about this diet so I practically had to push him throughout the whole thing, which actually wasn’t good for me because many times, his cribbing didn’t motivate me at all. Actually my friend was also my diet buddy at that moment. He did finish the whole journey and lost about 4 kg. I broke on day 6 and ended up losing nothing. This time will be different ,and I’m so going to commit to it.

gm diet start

And here’s my picture taken a week ago. I admit that I have gained about 4 kg since November. Not good 🙁

To help motivate myself and share my experience with you guys, I’m going to keep a journal at the end of each day. So before I’m going to bed, I’m going to summarize the result and effect of the diet at the end of the day.

If you googled “GM Diet,” you would see a lot of websites talking about it and giving a lot of details about it already. It’s nothing new, and it has been on the internet for years now. A lot of people swear it works like a miracle. Many have lost a lot of weight, but for some, the results aren’t that impressive. By the way, I’m not a health expert, and what I’m sharing here is purely based on my experience with this diet. If you guys want to try it, I recommend you talk to your health consultant or doctor first.

But what is GM Diet?

GM Diet is a diet plan developed by the General Motors Corporation to help keep their employees stay in shape.  It’s a 7 day plan that involves the consumption of specific food per day.

I won’t go into detail right now, because I will include that on my daily GM diet journal anyway. But here is what it’s going to look like.

During GM Diet, you’re supposed to stay hydrated and drinks lots of water. You are recommended to drink 10 glasses of water a day. You should also cut out all sugar and processed food from your diet completely.

Day 1: All fruits are allowed except bananas

Day 2: You can have all kind of veggies

Day 3: You are allowed to have the combinations of fruits and veggies that you like. Just no banana for now.

Day 4: You can have banana, milk and some vegetable soup.

Day 5: Beef and lots of tomatoes are allowed

Day 6: You can eat beef and veggies

Day 7: No meat anymore. But you can have brown rice, veggies and fruits.

Okay, now I’m officially on GM diet day 1. The funny part is I only have grapes and banana at home. I can’t have banana today so I have a handful of grapes and lots of water for breakfast this morning. I will have to go get some fruits from a store now.

See you tonight with my update.


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