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GM Diet Day 2

It’s the end of day 2 for me. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it at some point because I had a pretty hectic day outdoor. But here I am; I’m pretty proud of myself already because I actually lost about 2 kg in the morning. I’m not going to lie that this diet is easy. It’s tough, especially for someone who loves food. But this is what I have to do to motivate myself in the long run.

So what you should eat on day 2 of GM Diet?

Simple actually. Veggies. Any kind of veggies. You’re advised to have some starchy veggies like potato for breakfast. And then any veggies you care to consume. With lots of water of course. For me…. This is the toughest day.

What I ate


Day 2 GM Diet 1

I had the most boring breakfast ever— baked potato without any seasoning. The program does allow you to have a little butter with it, but unfortunately, I’m out of butter. To be honest, it’s not that bad. It filled me up with energy which I needed to walk around the city today.


Day 2 GM Diet 3

I had salad with vinaigrette at Subway. I had lunch pretty late, about 3 pm, and I felt like I didn’t drink enough water.


Day 2 GM Diet 2

I wasn’t hungry at all, but for the sake of health I made some broccoli and carrot and eat half of what I cooked. I don’t feel tired anymore, but sleepy… I don’t know if it makes sense.

So that’s my rant on day 2 of GM diet. I’m super sleepy, and it’s not even 9 pm yet. Anyway, I’m going to pamper myself with a sweet dream now. Oh, by the way, I did get a massage before dinner. Maybe that’s the reason why I’m so sleepy.

Looking forward to day 3. It’s fruits & veggies day!


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