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GM Diet Day 3

Hello folks. And I’ve just got done with day 3 of GM diet. Actually today would have been super easy if I haven’t got my period. I didn’t realize it until I knew it, if you know what I mean. The day flew by. I did feel a bit bloated in the morning, but not as much as how I would be bloated during my period without this diet. I really enjoyed what I ate, and although I didn’t lose weight today, I look much smaller now.

So what should you eat on day 3 of GM Diet?

On day 3 of GM diet, you should go crazy on veggies and fruits however you like, but no banana. Drink lots of water of course.

What I ate


Day 3 GM Diet 1

I had a plateful of watermelon and apple for breakfast. Watermelon is such a lifesaver when you’re on GM Diet. I felt fresh and energetic instantly after breakfast.


I had this! Veggies and Watermelon Salad with Chili and Grape Dressing.

Day 3 GM Diet 2

It’s yummy, and I’m not kidding. I didn’t want to have any more boring salad, and I didn’t want to go overboard with seasoning and dressing.

Day 3 GM Diet 3

So I came up with an all-natural-no-sodium-dressing. It’s grapes with chopped red chili and splash of lime. Just roughly blend the grapes in food processer until the juice came out. Add lime and chili… and bam! There you have it! My salad includes mixed salad greens and cold watermelon. The dressing was mild-blowing. I will make this again even after I finish this diet. So good!


Day 3 GM Diet 4

I had a big bowl of watermelon as afternoon snack so I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t want to stuff myself further with fruits or veggies so I just had Pineapple and Grape Juice for dinner. It’s refreshing and I’m happy for tonight.

Today I’ve been feeling awesome. My skin feels brighter and I definitely feel lighter. I can’t wait for day 4 which I can indulge on banana milkshake and some soup. Now I’m going to sleep. A big beautiful day tomorrow is waiting for me.


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