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GM Diet Day 4

Monday is crazy for me. I have to wake up early to cook breakfast and pack lunch for Yaseen and Sadik. Today is also my day 4 of GM Diet, but no worry… I actually like today. So far I have lost about 2.5 kg. And today just because I’m allowed to have lots of banana milkshake. I decided to challenge myself and spent 40 minutes walking on a treadmill.

What you should eat on day 4 of GM Diet?

Your diet today consists of 8 bananas, 3 glasses of skim milk and special vegetable soup aka Wonder Soup.

What I ate


Day 4 GM Diet 4

I had one banana and a cup of skim milk. It felt so good. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but banana is my favorite fruit. The funny thing is today I don’t even feel hungry, but I’m craving regular food bad. So when I felt like I wanted to eat something else, I just sipped some banana milkshake. I also had banana milkshake (1 banana + 1 cup skim milk+ ice) before going to gym, where I walked on treadmill for 40 minutes.


Day 4 GM Diet 3

I made some vegetable soup using onion, cabbage, peppers, tomato, celery and very little amount of salt. It was a little bland, but it kept me full for a long time. I even had this soup for afternoon snack as well.


Though many people suggest having soup and milkshake for dinner, but I couldn’t have another bite of that soup. I made Banana Gelato because I desperately needed something indulging.

Day 4 GM Diet 2

I don’t know if I have shared this recipe before. But all you need is frozen bananas.

Day 4 GM Diet 1

Blend them in a blender until smooth and eat. So easy right? I made a small batch and share it with the boys.

Tomorrow I will be able to have beef! I’m super excited. Pan fried beef with tomato soup is what I have in mind for breakfast.


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