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GM Diet Day 5

It’s the end of day 5 already. Today I had beef and tomato. Oh yes! It’s a good day. I also went to the gym for a 40 minute walk. I didn’t feel tired in the morning, but in the evening, I felt very drowsy.

What should you eat on day 5 of GM Diet?

Beef and tomatoes. As many as 8 tomatoes and about 10 oz of beef. Lots of water as usual.

What I ate


Day 5 GM Diet 2

I had pan fried beef with a little olive oil, salt and pepper with some tomato soup.


Day 5 GM Diet 1

I had Beef and Tomato Soup with lots of basil. It was so good.


I had the same thing I had for breakfast, simple pan fried beef and tomato soup.

I’ve lost 3 kg so far because of GM diet. 2 more days to go! Tomorrow I’m having beef with veggies.


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