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GM Diet Day 6

I’m grateful that day 6 of GM diet for me has finally ended. I’m so tired. I miss food, and I’m worried I will binge on food after day 7. I know I have to be strong. Diet is never easy. On the other hand, I’m happy about how I look right now. Though I have only lost 3 kg so far, but I look so much smaller than before.

So what you should eat on day 6 of GM Diet?

10 oz of beef and lots of veggies. Minimum 10 glasses of water should be consumed.

What I ate


day 6 gm diet 1

To tell you the truth, I got sick of diet food with less seasoning, but I have to get through it somehow. I had beef and salad for breakfast.


day 6 gm diet 2

I made beef and veggies soup. I was happy about it. It’s comforting and filling. I saved some for dinner. I also snacked on carrot in the evening.


I had the same soup again for dinner. Though I lost my appetite completely, I had to push myself to finish the soup so I could sleep well at night.

Oh my God, 1 more day to go. Let’s do this!


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