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Banana and Strawberry Gelato with Just 2 ingredients

I have been trying my best to stay healthy after the whole GM Diet thing. To be honest, I have already gained 1 kg back a day after I was off the diet. I am living in fear that it would be all for nothing if I gradually gained all what I’ve lost back soon. Although I eat better and much less than before, I still eat greasy deep fried food, but less. I also tried to stick to cardio to keep me fit.

Banana Strawberry Jelato 6

A week ago, a friend on facebook asked me if I could share my banana gelato recipe which I had on day 4 of GM diet. To be honest, it’s so easy I feel bad to even call it a recipe. All you need is frozen banana and food processor. Then the healthiest banana gelato is only a whip away.

Banana Strawberry Jelato 9

Today, just to make it a bit more interesting, and of course… more delicious, let’s mix strawberry and banana together. This guilt-free dessert is fresh and oh so yummy. It’s all natural and best when you use all organic stuff.

Banana Strawberry Jelato 1

Here in March, I can’t believe the strawberry season is over. I missed the color of red and the mountains of those little heart shaped berries in the supermarkets. There are a bit of them left, but not as flourish as they used to be. I got a couple of boxes which are over 400 gm, and it’s so funny part is there are only some big ones on the top and the rest were the little M&M sized things filled at the bottom. Anyway, they’re fresh and good… and that’s what matters!

Banana and Strawberry Gelato

Banana Strawberry Jelato 2

I used 8 bananas which yielded about 3 cups of cubed bananas, and I also got about 400 gm of strawberries. Cut strawberries into bite-sized pieces.

Banana Strawberry Jelato 3

Freeze them in a big Tupperware or freezer bag in the freezer for 4-6 hours or until they’re hard as ice. I left them in the freezer over night.

Banana Strawberry Jelato 4

Now the fun part begins. Tumble the whole frozen bananas and strawberries in food processor and blend!

Banana Strawberry Jelato 5

In the beginning the texture of the gelato will be coarsely resemble granita. Don’t be alarm, and blend further. It would take a bit of time for the mixture to be just right and smooth. You can also let the fruits become a little soft but not thaw to make it easy for your machine to handle. Now blend, blend, and blend until smooth.

Banana Strawberry Jelato 8

Your gelato should be lovely pink, luscious, dense, smooth, creamy and smell yummy. You can freeze it further if you want the texture to be firm and thicker…. Or go ahead and eat it all. I did so. You won’t regret it I swear!

Banana Strawberry Jelato 7

Make more if you want. You can eat this all day and feel so good.


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