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Dabeli Sandwich

When I was first arrived in India, one of the dishes I fell in love with right away was Dabeli. It’s the delectable spiced potato sandwich in a perfectly crispy grilled bun. I have Dabeli very often, but street food here is not all that great when it comes to hygiene. A few weeks ago one of my best friends cooked me some dabeli and I realized how easy it is to cook this at home. She also gave me a package of instant spice mix to make this dish.

Dabeli Sandwich 1

This sandwich is packed with delicious flavor and fresh ingredients. It’s vegan friendly. All you need to do is boil some potato and fry mashed potato with the spice mix.

Dabeli Sandwich 2

What I love about Dabeli is the colorful fresh ingredients that you wouldn’t think can be a part of sandwiches. Things such as grapes, pomegranate and peanuts are unusually find in sandwiches, but they work so well together here.

Dabeli Sandwich 7

This is it! The best vegen sandwich you could find. Though the original recipe calls for buns, but I used simple white bread for this ones. It’s so oh good!

Dabeli Sandwich

Dabeli Sandwich 6


400 gm boiled potato-mashed

2 tbsp Dabeli Masala Mix (spice mix)

2 tbsp vegetable oil

Sandwich bread

1 onion- chopped

1 cup roasted peanuts

1 bunch fresh coriander- chopped

1 cup fresh pomegranate seeds

1 cup fresh grapes

250 gm tamarind chutney

½ cup coconut butter (or oil)


Dabeli Sandwich 3

In a pan, heat oil and saute Dabeli Masala Mix until aromatic.

Dabeli Sandwich 4

Add mashed potato and stir until the ingredients mixed well.

Dabeli Sandwich 5

Keep spiced mashed potato aside to cool down.

Dabeli Sandwich 8

To assemble the sandwich, take 2 slices of bread. Spread tamarind chutney one piece of bread generously. On the other slice, add spiced mashed potato, grapes, pomegranates, peanuts, chopped onion and fresh coriander leaves.

Dabeli Sandwich 9

Close the sandwich and apply coconut butter on both sides of the sandwich. Toast the sandwich until golden brown.

Dabeli Sandwich 10

Cut into triangle shaped sandwich and garnish with more toppings if you like. Serve hot.


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