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Thailand Trip May 2015

I was born in a small town in Thailand. When I was a kid, I remember wanting to grow up fast and wanting to get out of this little town. I thought life in a tiny town was too quiet, and nothing exciting would ever happened there. I craved adventures and chaotic life, but now I realized that there is no place like this beautiful village. Life is so simple, full and peaceful. Every morning feels like a new beginning. I stop worry about the past or future. The air is fresh and clean. The food is delicious and full of flavor. Everything has not changed much since the day I left town. And the things I thought was boring are the things that matter the most for a happy life.

Thai 2015 pic 1

Sadik, Yaseen and I were in Thailand for a week. Our friend joined us, and he completely fell in love with my village almost immediately. We drove from Bangkok to Khon Kaen. It’s a 6 hours drive, very enjoyable and relaxing. Sadik will write about his driving experience soon. He recommends everyone coming to Thailand to make a long road trip and experiences the local vibe.

Thai 2015 pic 2

At home in Khon Kaen, it was warm and welcoming. We also went to Nong Khai and tried our luck to cross the border to Laos. We didn’t make it because of the paperwork, but next trip for sure we will go there.

Okay, I will tell you more about this trip later. And oooh, good news! My mom is staying with us in Pune now. We will be cooking a lot of things. Can’t wait to share our family recipe with you guys soon.


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