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Phimai Historical Park (Prasad Hin Phimai)

Hello folks! So I’ve been super busy lately helping my mom settling in here in India. My mom is finally here with us, and she makes it home even more these days. We have been back from Thailand for 2 weeks now, and I miss being it there every minute.

Phimai 4

Before we left for Thailand, Sadik and I planned to make a road trip to Ankor Wat in Cambodia and also to visit Laos in a short trip, but our plan had to be cut short because of my visa work. We couldn’t make it to Ankor Wat and Laos. Sadik was very disappointed, but maybe we can do that next year.

Phimai 1

Khon Kaen, my hometown, is about 450 km away from Bangkok. There are 45 minutes flights in this route all days, but Sadik loves driving so we decided to get the car from the airport and drove to Khon Kaen. On the way home, in Nakorn Ratchasima Province, we decided to visit Phimai Historical Park, an ancient Khmer temple. This historical park is just on the way. I had never been there so I thought it’s a perfect spot for our rest stop.

Phimai 2

Known as Prasad Hin Phimai among the locals, Phimai Historical Park is located in Amphor Phimai, Nakorn Ratchasima Province of Thailand. The temple has close relationship to Ankor Wat as it marks one end of Ancient Khmer Highway. The buildings in the complex have the same architectural style as Ankor Wat, and now the park is under care of the Fine Art Department of Thailand.

Phimai 3

The park has spacious parking area in the front and around. There is a minimal entrance fee and a helpful information center near the gate. Made by bricks, sand stones and laterite, Prasad Hin Phimai is a great showcase of classical Khmer Architecture. Though the temple was made as Buddhist temple, but the structure is very much influenced by Hindu art.

Phimai 5

That’s Yaseen and my sister, Tee.

Phimai 7

Yaseen at one of the windows in the ruin.

Phimai 8

Phimai 9

Phimai 10

Phimai 11

Phimai 12

Phimai 13

Phimai 14

Phimai 15

Sadik told me he didn’t feel so bad about missing Ankor Wat after visiting Phimai Historical Park because of the beauty of this old town that seems so similar to what he had heard about Ankor Wat.

Phimai 16

Phimai 17

Phimai 18

Phimai 21

We strolled in the park. It was super hot and bright that day, but there are a lot of big trees inside the park providing cool shades. It’s very peaceful. If you’re driving through this route, we recommend you to stop by and check this place out. The park is only about 15 minutes from the Mitrapap National Highway.

Phimai 22

Oh, and on your way back, don’t forget to look at the souvenir stores on the side of the park, and you must try the famous Phimai style noodle in the local shops.


3 comments to Phimai Historical Park (Prasad Hin Phimai)

  • Looks pretty good. Ankor Wat would have been brilliant though.

  • Ping~Laotian Chic

    That’s great your mom is staying with you guys now. Is she liking Pune so far? Yeah, that’s too bad you didn’t make it to Laos and Angkor Wat. I’ve crossed through southern Laos to Cambodia and the drive was amazing. Phrasad Hin Phimai looks like the Wat Phu in Pakse. Hoping you can make it to those two countries next time! Cheers Tes!

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