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At the Carnival

I just downloaded WordPress app on my phone so I can blog randomly a little often. I’m not complaining, but sometimes blogging can be tiring when I have to go through a lot of pictures and transfer them from my phone and camera to my laptop. Now I can do the spontaneous lazy posts on my phone with an app. The only little trouble of blogging from the app is typing can be super annoying.


When was the last time you were at a funfair?


We have recently gone to one in Thailand. It’s called Siam Carnival Funfair at Tontan Tann Night Market in Khon Kaen Province. I loved it. Immediately loved it! It’s so vibrant and colorful.


We were attracted by an Giant Wheels. It was the biggest one I have ever been on. Yaseen was super excited to be on it. We strolled in the fair and tried most of everything. I love shooting target and throwing darts.


Yaseen went on the carousel, boat ride, rocket ride, and of course, the giant wheels. He didn’t even wanna leave the rides.


Now when you are in Thai funfair, you need to eat it right. Have local treats! Try these calamari on sticks with spicy and sour sauce. It’s super addictive. I could eat them all night.


Don’t forget soda popsicle. These are so good. You will see a lot of people walk around with these colorful sweet ice in their hands. So delightful.
So what’s the last time you were at the carnival? How was it? And what did you eat there?

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