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Sala Kaew Koo, Nong Khai, Thailand

This trip to Thailand taught us one very important lesson- Don’t rely on the information on internet too much! It’s always been a plan for us to visit Laos. It’s funny that everyone in my family has already been there many times, but I only ended up only at the river and never landed on the other side. After a lot of research, got the information on the internet that we could get a permit to cross the border very easily. This convinced us to feel very comfortable when we left home in Khon Kaen to Nong Khai at 6 o’clock in the morning. A 2 hours drive on Mitrapap road was very enjoyable. We were so eager to make it to Laos and enjoy a beautiful morning there. Tragically, we found out at the border that we didn’t have enough documents to pass the border. For me who is Thai, I can get there very easily, but for Sadik, Yaseen and my friend, who are Indians, apparently they need to get some documents done at Laos Embassy in Khon Kaen first. What a bummer! But the rule is the rule. At least next time we know what we need to do.

Sala Kaew Koo 9

The travel agents at the border suggested us to spend our day in Nong Khai before we drive to Chiang Khan. We decided to visit Sala Kaew Koo, the Buddhist and Hindu-inspired theme park. The park features concrete giant sculptures and structures depict many scenes in Buddhist and Hindu mythologies. These magnificent arts are the work of the late Laung Pu Bunleua Sulilat and his followers.

Sala Kaew Koo 1

Sala Kaew Koo 2

Sala Kaew Koo 3

Sala Kaew Koo 4

Sala Kaew Koo 5 Sala Kaew Koo 6

Sala Kaew Koo 7

The park has spacious parking area and many gift shops in the front. I love the statues and the stories behind everything in that place. There is a huge fish pond where you can feed the fish with bread. This was Yaseen’s favorite spot.

Sala Kaew Koo 10

If you are looking for a chilled-out moral theme park to spend a day with your family, this place is absolutely amazing. A little tips: if you’re there on the sunny day, carry an umbrella.

Sala Kaew Koo 8

Our next stop is Indo-China Market (Ta Sa Dej Market). I already wrote about this place, but I will tell you more in the next post.


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