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Delicious Highlight of Our Thailand Trip in June 2015

I wish I could stay back in Thailand a little longer. This trip was hectic, but we made the most of it. Food is such a big part of our travel plan. Every meal was a party. Here are some awesome shots from my phone and my friend’s. We think these are the best food ever 🙂

A Thai Food Trip 1

Thai food are not just Red Curry, Green Curry and Pad Thai. Those are really a small part of our cuisine. Traditional Thai food is fresh, bold and vibrant. Every dish is simple and loaded with juicy ingredients.

A Thai Food Trip 5

Thing that I miss the most about Thailand is how active its food culture is. In the morning, you will see many pop-up stalls selling breakfast on the street. You can pick out your favorite dishes that are packed in plastic bags for under a dollar.

A Thai Food Trip 6

Or you can sit down on the side of the road and enjoy the beautiful morning with hot breakfast that is ready to be served.

A Thai Food Trip 11

At night is when things come alive even more. Colorful food, the aroma, the oily smoke of grilled meat on charcoal, the music and the crowds move in night markets that light up in every towns. There are hundreds of dishes to try and a lot of new dishes are introduced every other weeks. You can never be bored here.

A Thai Food Trip 13

See you get fresh mochi …

A Thai Food Trip 4

or you can walk around with a stick of spiral potato chips in your hand.

A Thai Food Trip 3

Here is Khanom Jeen, noodle with curry, my favorite dish. The best ones are always on the streetss.

A Thai Food Trip 14

When you’re eating out, a simple meal would look like this.

A Thai Food Trip 12

Here is what it looks like at home. Everyone is sitting on the floor in a big circle, sharing food. Relatives and friends usually come together after a long day to have a feast, to enjoy delicious food, to joke around and to catch up.

A Thai Food Trip 9

When I say we’re obnoxiously serious about the freshness, I really mean it.


You will find crisp and juicy calamari salad at the bank of the Mekong, miles away from the sea.

A Thai Food Trip 10

Just look at the picture and see how fresh vibrant the food is.

A Thai Food Trip 8



And abundant.

A Thai Food Trip 15

The food culture in Thailand is always evolved and open. There is always a touch of foreign flavors that we adopt and love.


At the moment, Japanese and Korean food trends are extremely popular.


I love how we have more options to eat.


Variety of gorgeous exotic flavors become available and affordable.

A Thai Food Trip 2

And at the end of the day, we always come back to a humble noodle that we love.


For dessert, we love mango and sticky rice…. and maybe with some ice cream.

Thai 2015 pic 2

And then we stroll around and look for the next dish to eat.


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