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My Collection of Thai Sweets

I’m not really a sweet tooth kind of person. I can live without chocolate, but I can’t live without french fries. When I was a kid, I spent most of my allowances on meatballs on the street while my sister spent it on sweet. Though I am not crazy about sweet, there are some treats that I really like. I enjoy them when I can… and these are some of Thai sweets I want to introduce you to…

Coconut Ribbons

Thai Sweet 6

They are crisp and sweet. What I love the most is how they are flavored and colored using all natural ingredients like flowers, pandan leaf, etc.

Caterpillar Cookies Stuffed with Pineapple

Thai Sweet 2

These are soft cookies stuffed with pineapple. They are looking kind of like caterpillars, don’t you think?

Pineapple Pies

Thai Sweet 3

Here’s another similar treat, but these ones are more flakier. I love the tangy sweetness of them little pies.

Coconut Taffies

Thai Sweet 4

This taffy can be super addictive if you like coconut flavor. It’s made only with coconut and palm sugar. So chewy and yummy.

Pandan Leaf Taffies

Thai Sweet 1

I talked about this one before. I love anything pandan leaf flavored. I don’t mind having it in my pocket all the time.

Pandan Leaf Sago

Thai Sweet 7

This is not actually a sweet, but an ingredients for Thai dessert. I simply boil it in water and serve with coconut cream syrup.

Sweet Vermicelli in Coconut Cream Syrup

Thai Sweet 8

I love how everything comes in an instant package these days. You can make this lovely Thai dessert in 5 minutes. Yay!

I’m gotta say my favorite out of all these is sago which I can cook and serve with coconut cream syrup. You can see how I do it here… Sago in Coconut Cream Syrup with Jackfruit.

What’s your favorite sweet ever?


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